WHAT AN EPISODE to start the two night finale of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor

Last week’s fantasy suites week didn’t go great for Clayton. After he banged both Gabby and Rachel on his first two dates and told BOTH of them that he was in love with them, he got into a ton of drama with Susie who freaked out after asking him about his other two girls. Susie probably shouldn’t have asked a question that she didn’t want to know the answer of but Clayton was a complete dick to her on his response to that…AND there’s a pretty clear reason why the Bachelor normally waits to tell the girl he’s in love with her after the proposal, rather than how Clayton told all three girls. After that fight, Susie goes home. We pick up from that breakup tonight on the first of the two night finale of this season of The Bachelor.

We start with Clayton breaking down after his shitty breakup with Susie last week, trying to make sense on it from both his side and hers. Clayton decides that he’s going to tell Gabby and Rachel everything that happened and says that if one of them are still wanting to continue this, then its worth pursuing. Healthy way to go into that (sarcasm). 

Onto as Jesse puts it, the “rose ceremony from hell”. Gabby and Rachel, who both had no idea what was going on realize that Susie isn’t there and likely went home. Clayton comes in and tells them that he’s shattered and tells them everything. He tells them what Susie said and why their relationship ended which lead to Clayton being transparent and telling Rachel and Gabby that he was in love with Susie and both of them and that he fucked both of them. Direct and to the point. Both ladies walk away and break down crying themselves, both fixating on how ridiculous it is on them that Clayton is in love with the other girls. This is why the Bachelor never tells the girls he’s in love with them until after the season is over. 

First Gabby comes back to talk to Clayton and he really falls flat on that conversation with trying to reason that the one he’d end up with at the end of this is his strongest love and that he’s just trying to figure it out. And then Gabby responds with the most logical thing that anyone that has watched this series in the past and has common sense thinks…“like why wouldn’t you just save it?”. Clayton tries to reason for it again but he really fucked this up. 

“For him to say the woman I walk out of here with at the end is the woman i love the most, like wrong fucking answer.”

Completely right girl.

Rachel then goes to talk to Clayton and in the same vein as Susie and Gabby, she completely doesn’t see how he could be in love with all three ladies. Clayton tells her that he has different feelings and loves her and Gabby in different ways…but that he’s still in love with both of them (and Susie). Dude can’t stay out of his own way at all on this.

Rose ceremony time. Clayton apologizes to both girls for putting them through this tonight. First Rachel accepts the rose. Then Gabby says she can’t accept the rose and sends herself home. And then there was one. Upon seeing that Gabby declined the rose, Rachel freaks out almost looking like she regretted taking the rose. For sure wasn’t excited about it.

Gabby tells Clayton that she isn’t in the business of competing with anyone for love, which is a great way to put it and that he told three women that he fell in love with them in the same week. Clayton tries to plea with her to stay and give it another chance. Come on man. Let this end.

Cutting back to Rachel upstairs by herself crying with her rose, she says that this is the worst thing that could ever happen because now she’s just the default thats left because the other two ladies left on their own. Which isn’t fair to any of the four of them involved.

As both Gabby and Clayton go back upstairs, Clayton re-does it and asks Gabby “will you accept this rose?”. She says yes and this whole shit storm continues. Clearly this is orchestrated by producers for both of them to still be here at this point, especially Gabby who was all but gone already. Most awkward end to a rose ceremony ever. 

Back to the studio in LA with Jesse and tonight’s live audience. To talk about it with Jesse, former Bachelor Nick Viall and former Bachelorettes Michelle Young and Claire Crawley are there to discuss. Time to zone out for a little while and start figuring out what I’m betting on tomorrow night’s hockey slate. Claire says the whole thing was cringy, Nick says that Clayton left out the most important part of that he was the most in love with Susie. Michelle, who’s season Clayton was on, says that being vulnerable is a very important thing in a relationship but that both sides have to put in the same amount of care. 

Back to Iceland for Clayton to see his parents and his two brothers before Gabby and Rachel both have to meet his family. Clayton tells them what happened and how he fell in love with all three of the final women. On telling them about the whole Susie situation, Clayton’s dad says its understandable that Susie felt that way. Clayton says that he wishes he hadn’t fallen in love with all three women but now that he has, it’s fucked everything up. And then his mom says “I don’t know how you can be in love with three people” and his dad follows it up with that these girls don’t want to be second or third, they want to be first and that the girls have a right to be upset with him. His parents just look at him like damn, this kid really fucked this up. Clayton’s dad says he screwed the pooch in his situation. His mom then says that one it might be tough for her to talk to Gabby today and Rachel tomorrow knowing that either might be the consolation prize.

Gabby as soon as she steps out of the car does definitely seem in better spirits than before when she was already halfway out the door, but if this is genuine at this point…I don’t know. Talking one on one, Clayton’s mom asks Gabby what it was that made her change her mind and decide to stay. Gabby does do a good job genuinely answering that question. Clayton’s dad tells her that from his perspective he respects that she walked away from Clayton the night before and that its an amazing thing (in a good way) that she’s still there. Both of Clayton’s parents seem great. Leaving the date, Gabby says that she made the right decision in staying.

Now it’s Rachel’s turn to meet Clayton’s family. Clayton’s mom tells Rachel that it speaks volumes about her that she didn’t just want to leave after Clayton told her and Gabby everything. Rachel tells Clayton’s dad that she does trust Clayton, which is big. 

Clayton says after both girls meet his parents that if he had to choose between Rachel and Gabby, he still wouldn’t know who to choose but that when Susie left, his whole life got flipped upside down. So clearly these two poor girls are the consolation prize for Susie, which isn’t right for either of them. He’s still hung up on Susie and she’s still the one he wants.

Talking to his family, Clayton tells them that he’s conflicted and that he feels the same thing with Rachel and Gabby but that his heart is telling him he wants Susie and that, not to discredit what he has with Rachel and Gabby, that it was more special with Susie. His mom tells him that Susie left him, not the other way around to which Clayton makes excuses about that it was a complicated situation (that he got himself into). He says he stopped listening to Susie while they were talking to which his dad says is just grasping at straws. Clayton’s parents are great in telling him the reality of the whole situation. 

Jesse joins Clayton and his family to which Clayton tells him that he just wants closure with Susie and wants to talk to her and see if there’s something still there. Jesse tells him that Susie is still in Iceland.

Can’t wait to see how this train wreck ends on tomorrow night’s episode (which I’ll be watching on Wednesday since I have lacrosse practice tomorrow, not a big deal) for the most shocking finale in Bachelor history.

PS: I didn’t think anyone could have replaced Chris Harrison as the host of this show, but credit where its due, Jesse’s done a pretty good job of being Chris 2.0

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