NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/2/22

After the long regular season it’s finally here, the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs!! Tonight four series start off with Game 1. I had a pretty successful NHL regular season and hope to crush the playoffs…starting tonight!!

I already broke down each series in depth, which are all linked below. Check out each of them and read through them for my full expectations of each series and how I expect them to play out. The way I bet the playoffs is much more structured and systemic using game bets the coincide along with my futures and series plays, and I’ve been pretty successful with it the last several years. 

Let’s keep this great winning year going until a team lifts the greatest trophy in all of sports, the Stanley Cup!

Game 1: Hurricanes vs. Bruins (7:00)

As I said on my series preview, I give the Bruins a slight edge to win a long, hard fought series that likely goes six or seven games. For the series, I have unit on the B’s to win it and two units on the series to go longer than 5.5 games. Along with that, I added a unit future on the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup. Typically if I bet a team to win a series, it’s usually heavier than just a unit and I’d usually also bet that team to win Game 1. This one isn’t the case and I’d rather lay off the Bruins ML in Game 1 and see how it plays out with Raanta in goal for the Hurricanes. I do expect a defensive battle and for Game 1, I’ll take the under 6 for a unit.

Game 1: Maple Leafs vs. Lightning (7:30)

This should be a very fun series to watch as I wrote in my series breakdown between two very good teams, neither of which I can see winning the Stanley Cup this year. With the big edge in goaltending between Vasilevskiy and Campbell, I think the Lightning win the series. I will take the Lightning to win it for two units along with two units on the series to go over 5.5 games. As I typically do when I have a series bet on a team, I expect that team to win Game 1 of the series. For tonight’s Game 1 in Toronto, I’ll take the Lightning ML and Lightning TT over 3 for a unit each. I also like the over, expecting scoring from both teams and will take the over 6 for a 1.5 units.

Game 1: Wild vs. Blues (9:30)

I think this Central Division matchup is easily the most exciting on of this first round of the playoffs. As I wrote up in my series preview, I’d give a slight edge to the Wild to win the series but not enough to bet on it as a series play. I took the series to go over 5.5 games for two units and over 6.5 games for a unit, with a few small exact series result props to go along with those. I think whichever team wins this series has a chance to go on a solid run to the Stanley Cup and I took a unit future on the Wild to win it along with half a unit future on the Blues to win it. I feel bad for the fans of whichever team loses this series and its a shame that one of them will be eliminated after round 1. I like the Wild to win Game 1 at home tonight and will take them for a unit along with 1.5 units on the over in what I expect to be an electric matchup.

Game 1: Oilers vs. Kings (10:00)

The Oilers should win this series pretty easily, which I wrote in my series preview. I’d expect them to pretty much cruise through this series. I’ll save some juice on the series bet and take them to win in six games or less. Along with that I’ll go with a unit on the Oilers ML tonight.

Game Bets

1u Bruins/Hurricanes under 6 (-130)

1.5u Lightning/Maple Leafs over 6.5 (-139)

1u Lightning ML (+110)

1u Lightning TT over 3 (-117)

1u Wild ML (-132)

1.5u Wild/Blues over 6 (-137)

1u Oilers ML (-195)

Series Bets

1u Bruins (+104)

2u Bruins/Hurricanes over 5.5 games (-162)

2u Lightning (-107)

2u Lightning/Maple Leafs over 5.5 games (-162)

2u Wild/Blues over 5.5 games (-175)

1u Wild/Blues over 6.5 games (+220)

.2u Wild win series 4-2 (+490)

.2u Wild win series 4-3 (+475)

.2u Blues win series 4-3 (+600)

2u Oilers in six games or less (-114)


1u Bruins: Stanley Cup Champions (+1800)

1u Wild: Stanley Cup Champions (+1600)

.5u Blues: Stanley Cup Champions (+2200)

Record: 809-605-32 (+19.61 units)

Regular Season: 809-605-32 (+19.61 units)

Playoffs: Hopefully winners!

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