NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/23/22

Started out hot yesterday sweeping the early two games but the Flames didn’t show up in Edmonton, so I ended up going 4-3 to lose 1.78 units. Tonight the Lightning have the chance to knock off the Panthers and the Avs can put the Blues a game away from elimination.

Game 4: Lightning vs. Panthers (7:00)

After yesterday afternoon’s 5-1 loss in Tampa, the President’s Trophy winning Florida Panthers find themselves a game away from elimination with the very valid possibility of being swept tonight by their in state rival Lightning. This series is over for the Panthers and I think the back to back Cup champs finish off the sweep at home tonight. Florida lead the NHL by a significant margin in regular season goals, but Andrei Vasilevskiy’s showing he’s the best goalie in the NHL when it comes playoff time and the Panthers have only scored a goal in each game of this series. I’m going to lose my three unit bet on this series to go at least six games and to hedge that loss I’m going to go with 3 units on the Lightning TT over 3, 2 units on the Lightning ML and a unit on the Lightning puck line. The Panthers are done. What a lousy disappointment for the Battle of Florida. I’d lean the over here since its an elimination game, but don’t think its worth betting on at 6.5.

Game 4: Blues vs. Avalanche (9:30)

In Saturday night’s 5-2 loss for the Blues at home, besides losing the game on the ice, they arguably had a bigger loss in Jordan Binnington getting injured after a collision with none other than Nazim Kadri. It’s easy to say that Kadri’s a scumbag for previous history but I do think that hit was incidental. Either way though, the Blues are fucked in this series without Binnington. I think the Avs score with ease on Husso and this series ends in five games. I’ll add 2 units on the Avs to win the series in five games. Along with that for tonight’s game, I’ll take the Avs ML and Avs TT over 3.5 for 2 units each and the puck line for a unit. Colorado puts the Blues on the brink of elimination with a win on the road tonight.

I’ll also throw in a 0.2u parlay on both puck lines to win an extra 1.22 units if it hits. 

Game Bets

3u Lightning TT over 3 (-143)

2u Lightning ML (-130)

1u Lightning -1.5 (+184)

2u Avalanche ML (-160)

2u Avalanche TT over 3.5 (-120)

1u Avalanche -1.5 (+155)

.2u parlay: Lightning -1.5 & Avalanche -1.5 (+610)

Open Series Bets

3u Panthers/Lightning over 5.5 games (-167)

2.5u Hurricanes in six games or less (+100)

2u Flames (-195)

1u Flames/Oilers over 5.5 games (-167)

2u Avalanche win series in 5 games (+118)


2u Hurricanes: Stanley Cup Champions (+700)

.5u Blues: Stanley Cup Champions (+2200)

Record: 883-675-38 (+8.96 units)

Regular Season: 809-605-32 (+19.61 units)

Playoffs: 74-70-6 (-10.65 units)

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