For the first time ever, we have TWO Bachelorettes as the lead of the series as this season kicks off!

The last season of Bachelor, while being a complete train wreck with the Bachelor Clayton telling all of the final three women that he was in love with them, was highly entertaining. Of course for the two ladies that didn’t end up ending the season with Clayton, it was heartbreaking. Those two girls, Rachel and Gabby for the first time will be co-leads as the TWO Bachelorettes this season. After what Clayton put those two through, they completely deserve it. 

An unprecedented thing for this series to have two leads at the same time for an entire season. And I’m all in on this. Essentially a whole new format for the series, which has gotten a little bit stale with just a goal of getting as many Instagram followers as possible for when you get off the show so you can just become a full time “influencer”, so its nice to see a new twist to the series. The extra drama of that factor, along with the entertaining drama that this show normally creates has the potential to be one of the most shocking seasons EVER. I liked both ladies on the Bachelor and I think both will be good leads on The BacheloretteS.

I can’t wait! Let’s get into it.

With two Bachelorettes, bring on the limos to meet all the men…let the journey begin!

I used to give my first impression of every contestant, but don’t really care to do that anymore when half these guys are getting eliminated in the first few weeks and we completely forget about them. A few notables though. One guy Logan shows up with two little baby chickens and says he had to figure out how to deal with two chicks. Another guy, Tino, drives in on a forklift. Another one, Jacob comes in shirtless on a white horse likes he’s on the cover of a romance novel. But most of these guys all just blend together. 

Even with the guys just coming out of the limos, the girls are already a little bit worried that both of them will end up falling for some of the same guys.

The first few guys that spend some time individually with the girls are pretty much duds. The first one is a magician doing card tricks…everyone knows that magic tricks are for fucking losers. The next ones to spend some individual time with them are the two twins, both of who are like exactly the same boring guys that even Gabby and Rachel both say in the confessional they have no connection with either of them.

The guys that do make a good impression are the ones that individually give them their own attention. Rachel is a bit disappointed that two of the guys didn’t kiss her on night one but Mario kisses Gabby and then she appreciates it and kisses him back with a clear connection. Then Rachel gets her first kiss of the season right after that on the stairs with Tino (who sort of looks a bit like Blake Horstmann from Becca’s season), a nod to her issues with Clayton on the stairs after fantasy suites on the Bachelor. 

The first guy to talk to both girls individually is Logan, the guy that brought the two baby chicks out of the limo. He makes both Gabby and Rachel laugh. 

Gabby gets her second kiss of the night with Erich after he makes her laugh and they kick it off with a good first impression.

Now, for the first time ever on The Bachelorette, two first impression roses. Rachel takes the first one and….

So Tino, will you accept this rose?

Now its Gabby’s turn and she gives her first impression rose to Mario. Really no surprise to either first impression rose. I figured Rachel’s was an easy layup for her to give to Tino and thought it was a two guy race between Mario and Erich for Gabby’s but Mario was more open and had a better first impression. Good for both of those guys.

Its time for the first rose ceremony of the season but with a lot of the guys not having any chance to talk to Rachel and/or Gabby, instead the two ladies pull a handful of the guys away and just send them home instead of stringing them along longer for no real reason. They then cancel the rose ceremony and just bring along all the rest of the guys onto week 2.

This crazy season with two leads as The Bachelorette is sure to be insane and continues next week!

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