Can’t Be Bringing Up Fantasy Suites on the First Real Week

Last week a season of the Bachelorette(s) like no other began with not one, but two leads as the Bachelorettes, Rachel and Gabby, both from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. We met all the guys last week fighting for their hearts and this week the real season with the first dates of the season begin. I’m pretty pumped for this season and the extra added twist that could come that may flip the script with the guys possible here for the opposite girl that has feelings for them. And there’s still a lot of questions as to how this format is going to work.

Let’s get into it!

We start out with the first group date of the season hosted by both of the ladies. Before the date, Rachel and Gabby drop off two bags full of speedos for the guys to get ready for the group date. On the date, the guys have to put on a pageant with the speedos on. It’s a pretty quick date and the ladies choose six of the guys to go to the after party at their place. At the after party, Jason is the first to spend some one on one time as Rachel pulls him first. He pretty quickly tells her that he should be upfront and tells Rachel that his initial connection was with Gabby. Probably a good thing to get that out of the way quick but is a little bit of a shot to Rachel’s ego. Gabby on the other hand, makes out with one guy Johnny while Rachel continues to just have small talk with no real connection with several of the guys. She does make a quick connection though with Logan and they kiss. Next he talks to Gabby, makes a connection with her and also kisses her. So both ladies like this guy. After talking to the guys, Gabby and Rachel discuss who they think they’re going to give the roses to and they discuss Logan. Gabby brings him up first before Rachel tells her that she kissed Logan. Both ladies sort of have the same reaction to thinking that its a weird dynamic. Rachel goes first with the group date roses and gives her’s to Logan. Gabby gives hers to Johnny. Gabby also then says that she’s pretty much backing out on Logan.

Jordan V. gets the first one on one of the season with Rachel. He made a good first impression on night one with her after they had a connection with her being a pilot and him being a drag racer, telling her that he’s there just for her. For their date, the two of them do a Zero Gs flight experience that replicates being in space. Seems like a blast of a date! Following their zero gravity date, they have dinner at a beautiful venue of a super fancy theater. They connect on how their careers are so out of the ordinary while being very different. Next, Rachel asks Jordan about his family and he opens up about how his parents’ divorce effected him. In the confessional, Rachel says that Jordan is everything that she’s asked for but that as the day is progressing she knows that there is just something missing. Talking to a producer, she says that she feels really bad in that she really wants to like him but that she knows that he isn’t the guy for her. She returns and tells Jordan that there is just something missing for her and that she doesn’t want to bring him into the next week knowing that she won’t be able to get there with him. She doesn’t give him the rose and walks him out, apologizing. Probably a good thing to get this out of the way early. Jordan getting sent home on the first one on one rattles the rest of the guys in the house a bit.

Back at the mansion, this guy Chris decides to say out of nowhere in a real weird way that he’s still open to relationships with both women but that if he was in the final four, which he’s super cocky about being in, that it would be a a dealbreaker for him if at fantasy suites the lady he’s into ends up sleeping with multiple guys. First off, its the first week (well technically second), no reason to already be looking ahead and talking about fantasy suites. Second, you’re already pretty much guaranteed not to be there by bringing this up to the other guys already and making yourself a villain. And what a prude. Grow up, dumbass. All the other guys right away go at him that its ridiculous that he’s bringing it up and confront him about it. 

Nate gets Gabby’s first one on one of the season. After a glass of champagne at Gabby and Rachel’s, Gabby and Nate go for a helicopter ride followed by some drinks in a hot tub. The first thing Nate brings up at dinner afterwards is his daughter. Nate telling Gabby about that does make her a bit nervous on if she would be ready to be a stepmom but then she realizes that she doesn’t need to figure that out just yet and “Nate, will you accept this rose?

With the first rose ceremony cancelled, tonight we have the first rose ceremony with a cocktail party prior to it. The first guy to talk to Rachel during the cocktail party is Mario, who got the first impression rose from Gabby and wants to get to know both ladies. Quincey, who was there when Chris had his whole thing about the fantasy suites, decides to go talk to Rachel and brings her over to talk to a few of the guys about Chris. Rachel appreciates the guys telling her and goes to talk to Gabby about it who has a similar reaction that its controlling and weird that Chris is already bringing up fantasy suites. The ladies pull Chris and Gabby asks him right away, “do you think its appropriate to be talking about fantasy suites this early?”. Chris dances around the issue and both girls send him right the fuck home. Good move. See ya. What a dickhead and such a great way for Gabby to take charge and lead in the two girls sending him home. After getting sent out, Chris comes back to talk to some of the guys that discussed it with Rachel. Rachel and Gabby return and send him right back out right away.

Onto the first rose ceremony. With the caveat of there being two Bachelorettes the big question is how these will work. For this rose ceremony at least, the roses will be handled out by both ladies together, meaning that getting a rose signifies that both ladies want the guy to stick around. If not, you go home. With the final rose of the night, the ladies give it to Mario, who made connections with both girls so far as Rachel asks, “Mario, will you accept this rose?

I feel like these early rose ceremonies don’t mean a whole lot quite yet only a few days into this, so onto next week.

PS: Thank god I have two side by side TVs, so I got to sweat out around a 3 unit win tonight on the Home Run Derby!

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