Great week for Rachel, lousy week for Gabby on this week’s episode of their crazy season of The Bachelorette

Last week we had the first dates, some successful, some not of Rachel and Gabby’s combined season of The Bachelorette and we’re already seeing some drama with the different dynamic of having two leads with some of the guys going for both ladies and some picking sides already early. Tonight that drama continues. 

Gabby and Rachel start the week talking about how they want the guys to pick which of them they want to pursue and not to play both sides. I’m sure that will go great. 

The first date of the week is Rachel’s one on one date and she selects Zach. The first part of the date is hosted by one of the guys from Queer Eye. After selecting outfits, they go to the premiere of the movie Me & You, which turns out to not even be a real movie but a slideshow of photos and videos of Rachel and Zach both growing up and then video messages from both of their moms. Actually a really cute date. After the slideshow, Zach tells Rachel about how his dad loved airplanes and always wanted to be a pilot and they connect on a childhood memory of watching planes take off and land, which was part of why Rachel became a pilot. 

Zach, will you accept this rose?”

Going to the house during the day, Gabby is upset that none of the guys showed initiative to build a better connection with her. Erich gets the date card for Gabby’s one on one date this week. The date card says “three’s a crowd” and it turns out the third is Gabby’s grandpa who became a star on his own in his appearance during Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. For the date, the three of them go to a “sound bath” which is some weird meditation thing. After that they go bowling where it looks like Gabby’s grandpa makes a connection with an old lady that. Gabby and Erich get out of there and have dinner just the two of them. At dinner, after Erich tells Gabby about his parents, Gabby gets emotional talking about the lack of a relationship that she has with her mother, which definitely has to be difficult. When she comes back after a little breakdown, Gabby thanks Erich for being honest with her and being there for her as she struggled through the day.

Erich, will you accept this rose?

Onto the big group date this week and both women start the date wearing wedding dresses. The guys all have to dress up in ridiculous outfits and they do a whole photo shoot with the ladies. Very boring date to watch. After that stupidity, all the guys get on the field of SoFi Stadium to spend some individual time with the ladies. Rachel has a few early connections with some of the guys that go great. We cut to Gabby and the first guy that they show her have any one on one time with tells her that he wants to pursue a relationship with Rachel. Good to be honest but definitely not what she wanted to hear. The next guy, same thing. And another one. Meanwhile, every guy that they show talking to Rachel they’re all telling her that they are there for her. I’m sure part of that is some typical editing/producing magic, but still can’t be good. Rachel gives her group date rose to Aven, who she had a solid connection with this week. Gabby says that she had a tough night and doesn’t give a rose tonight, which sort of shocks Rachel along with some of the guys. Rachel pulls her aside and Gabby tells her what some of the guys told her. Rachel isn’t happy about that either with how some of the guys acted towards Gabby, especially Hayden and Jacob.

Prior to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Jesse Palmer comes in and lets them know that its cancelled and they’re going right to the rose ceremony. Along with that, he lets the guys know that Rachel and Gabby have realized this isn’t working so far and that if a guy accepts a rose, they’re only pursuing that lady. So pretty much two parallel Bachelorettes rather than a combined season with two leads. Some huge decisions coming up for some of these guys that are still playing both sides.

Rose ceremony time with what should be a very dramatic one. 

Rachel goes first and gives her first rose to Tino. Gabby gives her first rose to Nate. Rachel asks Logan next, who originally played both sides and he accepts her rose. Gabby’s second rose goes to Johnny. No surprises so far. For Rachel’s next rose, she asks Termayne, who really hasn’t had any screen time yet and he declines her rose and says that he feels like he has a better connection with Gabby. Sort of a surprise that a guy rejected Rachel before Gabby with the way this episode has gone. Jesse Palmer comes in to clarify that if a guy rejects a rose, they go back with all the other guys still awaiting a rose to see if the other lady offers him one. Probably should have clarified that earlier and that because that rose was rejected, it gets taken away and Rachel can no longer offer that rose. Chris Harrison would’ve had that whole thing be completely clear from the beginning…nice job cancelling the best host that reality TV has ever seen for no real reason (I’m still bitter, miss you Chris). What a mess. Back to the roses and Gabby asks Spencer next, who accepts. Back to Rachel, who asks Alec and he rejects it! Another rose gone! Gabby asks Jason next and he accepts. Rachel asks Tyler next and he accepts, a relief for Rachel. The next few guys accept the roses from each woman that asks them until Rachel gets another rejection, this time from Meatball. Not many roses left with a lot of guys remaining without them. Most eliminations I’ve ever seen in the third week of the season. The ladies walk out and Rachel tells Gabby how humiliated she felt getting rejected three times. With Gabby’s final rose of the evening, she asks Michael, who accepts her rose. Rachel, who at this point I think was just scared to be rejected again, asks Hayden to accept her rose knowing he’s there for her and that’s it.

So now there’s two separate groups with two separate journeys together. Let’s see the drama that plays out with this next week!

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