Roller coaster of emotions for Rachel this week on The Bachelorette

Last week after a disastrous series of events with both ladies being rejected with guys saying they’re there for the other girl, Gabby and Rachel “realized” that it wasn’t working with two leads, the format of the season changed. Instead of the one big group of guys with both ladies, each one of the girls now has their own separate group of guys, together. I’m sure that’s going to work out just swimmingly and not lead to any drama…let’s see how this impending train wreck continues. I think this season’s been a lot of fun so far and really looking forward to seeing how it progresses with this new twist to this one of a kind format.

In the house theres still some drama from Hayden who last week, while still being around for accepting a rose from Rachel, put his ass directly into the jackpot by telling Gabby that she was “rough around the edges”. Not a good move. 

Let’s get into this week’s episode as Gabby, Rachel and their now separate groups of guys head to France for the next steps of their journey. For the following part of the season, Gabby, Rachel and the guys will continue this journey from a cruise ship, traveling around Europe. They must’ve really cut the airline budget the season. As someone who’s been on several cruises, cruises are big time trash. But whatever, they can be fun I guess. The two groups of guys for Gabby and Rachel are living separately on the ship on completely different floors.  

To start the week, we get the one on one dates. Gabby chooses Jason and Rachel chooses Tino for their dates in Paris. They explore the city in the rain and both ladies have a nice romantic time with their dates. Rachel has dinner in a beautiful church with Tino. He starts off checking in on her about how she was doing after the last rose ceremony and she opens up to him telling him about how it was her hardest moment as the Bachelorette and her insecurities. They talk about what they each want in the future and it goes great.

This is the easiest rose that I’ve had to give. So Tino, will you accept this rose?

Cue the romantic music. I’d say this kid is easily a front runner for Rachel this season.

Gabby tries to get Jason to open up about why he’s so quiet and private. He tells her about how its tough for him to open up because he would compare himself to others and drive himself crazy with that growing up thinking he wasn’t good enough. He then expands on it and says he’s gotten much better at that in his adult life. Gabby then opens up to Jason about how she can relate to him because of the relationship that she doesn’t have with her mother. They connect on how therapy has helped them both.

Jason, will you accept this rose?

Back to the cruise ship for Gabby’s group date. Her men battle it out boxing for their chance for a one on one dinner with her. Rachel brings her guys as spectators to Gabby’s group date before their own. Rachel gets pissed and real upset that none of her guys want to spend time with her during the boxing and just watch and cheer on the boxing while as part of their date, Gabby’s guys have to process their feelings to her. Spencer wins the group date boxing contest to spend one on one time with Gabby and she gives him the rose. 

Rachel goes to talk to her guys while she’s upset and crying and she confronts them about how they all made her feel unseen and hurt. The next day they have their group date. For the date, they do an “art of romance” thing. The guys each have to flirt with Rachel a bit and its quite awkward. Real strange date. After a series of weird shit, the guys each have to write and read to Rachel a love note, which makes her feel much better. Rachel selects Tyler for some one on one time with her. He opens up to Rachel about the breakup of his previous relationship. She gives Tyler the rose.

Separate from everyone else, Logan tells Jesse Palmer (I still miss Chris Harrison) that he feels like he has stronger feelings for Gabby even though he is one of Rachel’s guys after the last rose ceremony. The first one to try playing both sides again. Prior to the rose ceremony, both groups all come together again. 

At the cocktail party, Nate spends some time with Gabby and you can tell he’s already one of her favorites. Hayden shows Rachel a book of photos of his dog with cancer which for some reason feels very awkward to me as it almost weirdly seems like he’s trying to use his poor dog’s story to get Rachel to feel bad for him. I couldn’t imagine not being with my dog if he was going through that in general and although Hayden feels like he’s using that point to say that he’s very serious about being there for Rachel, I think it actually reflects worse on him that he’s NOT with his poor pup. Dogs over everything, even being on the Bachelorette. As he complains about Rachel’s reactions we see some clips of what Hayden said to some of the guys about both girls and especially James doesn’t like it. In an individual conversation with her, James tells her that Hayden said that both her and Gabby were overreacting to what he said, that he compared her and his ex and that he said “I don’t trust these bitches”…this dick head Hayden’s absolutely getting sent home. Rachel goes to get Hayden and he just denies it. This kid has such a punchable face and Rachel does the right thing and just sends his ass home. See ya. Rachel’s really struggling with this whole process while it seems to be going swimmingly for Gabby. After sending Hayden home, the cocktail party gets cancelled.

Logan struggles going into the rose ceremony, saying that he wants to be honest about his feelings for Gabby and doesn’t want to just keep taking roses from Rachel but that he doesn’t know what to do.

Onto the rose ceremony.

Gabby goes first and obviously gives her first rose to Nate. Rachel gives her first rose to Aven. Gabby gives her next one to Erich. James gets the next one from Rachel, which we don’t even see. He just walks into the room with the other guys who already have one. Weird editing there. Let us see the girls hand out the roses. Johnny gets Gabby’s next rose. Zach receives the next rose from Rachel. Gabby’s second last rose goes to Michael. 

With the final roses tonight, Gabby gives her’s to Mario. And for more drama, with the final one of Rachel’s roses, she asks Logan. He accepts. She apologizes that they hadn’t spoken that week. Big drama coming up with this one next week as Rachel, Gabby and their remaining guys cruise on to Belgium.

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