Logan switches from Rachel to Gabby this week on The Bachelorette

Last week after Rachel, Gabby and their now separate groups of men “set sail” in Paris as their journey continues. Some drama occurred with Rachel sending Hayden home for being an asshole and theres still drama ready to blow up with Logan looking to switch from Team Rachel to Team Gabby. This week we continue with what’s sure to bring more entertainment. I’ve got my Tree House vodka soda (No Brew Review tonight) poured, let’s get into it.

The cruise ship stops in Belgium for this week’s dates. The first group date for the week is with Rachel’s group besides Avan who has the one on one this week and is definitely one of Rachel’s front runners. On the date card though is Logan, who has feelings for Gabby and wants to talk to Rachel before the group date begins.

Logan goes to Rachel’s room to talk to her. He tells her that its hard for him to forget about his connection with Gabby and that he has reservations on his feelings for Rachel and that he has to step away from pursuing Rachel. She says that he accepted so many roses from her when really he didn’t see a future in it with and although she appreciated that he told her now, that she wished he told her earlier. Can’t really fault her for being upset with the rejections from multiple guys now when she’s one of the leads of this show as The Bachelorette. 

Rachel has a bit of a breakdown about all the rejection, especially Logan changing his mind and Jesse Palmer (still miss you Chris Harrison) goes to talk to her. He asks her what she wants to do and she decides to cancel the date but keep the after party, which sucks for the remaining five guys that still want to be there with her on that group date. 

Logan meanwhile after telling Rachel how he felt about Gabby obviously has to go talk to Gabby and let her know his feelings for her. Gabby tells him that he was really the only overlapping guy that both girls had feelings for and that at that point she had backed away. They do hit it off though.

To close out the loop, Gabby goes to talk it out with Rachel about Logan. Rachel tells Gabby how she canceled her group date because she felt humiliated about that Logan wanted to go from her to Gabby. Rachel does make a good point though that Logan strung her along for weeks getting roses but that at the end of the day hopes that Gabby sends Logan home. 

Onto Rachel’s cocktail party, she tells her remaining guys about what happened earlier in the day with Logan. At this point she seems very insecure that every remaining guy is gonna walk out on her. The guys all turn it around for Rachel at the cocktail party and turn around her day. Rachel gives the group date rose to Tino for being so open with her and he’s clearly her favorite.

Now its time for Gabby’s group date. They have a great time with her exploring Belgium that goes without any drama. At the cocktail party though, Logan shows up, confusing Gabby’s guys that didn’t know about him leaving Rachel’s group. The guys in Gabby’s group aren’t thrilled with the addition of Logan coming in late. She does seem to have a decent, but early connection with him though. At the end of the night, Nate, who’s clearly far and away Gabby’s favorite, gets her group date rose.

On their one on one date, Avan and Rachel have fun exploring the city and really continue to hit it off romantically. At dinner, Avan tells Rachel about how he didn’t have a great relationship with his mom growing up but then got much closer with her as he was older. Rachel has a great connection with him “so Avan, will you accept this rose?

Johnny gets Gabby’s one on one date this week. They start their date going to a Belgian brewery which is awesome and then they go to a beer spa which although a bit weird definitely seems pretty fun. They have a blast. At dinner, Johnny tells Gabby that he lacks confidence and struggles with that, especially in relationships. He really opens up and is vulnerable with her, which she definitely appreciates.

Johnny will you accept this rose?

The groups join together for the pre rose ceremony cocktail party. Logan apologizes for what happened with Rachel’s group with her cancelling their group date after the events of what happened with him. Logan is worried on his own that his chances of getting a rose from Gabby are slim since the other guys have had weeks to build a connection with her while all her guys are worried about the strength of their own connections with Logan coming in. 

Onto the rose ceremony. Gabby goes first and her first rose goes to Jason. Rachel’s first rose goes to Zach. Gabby’s second rose goes to Spencer and Tyler get’s Rachel’s second rose. Erich gets Gabby’s second last rose. 

Rachel’s final rose of the night goes to Ethan sending Meatball home.

With Gabby’s much more dramatic final rose of the night, it comes down to Logan, Mario and Michael.

Logan, will you accept this rose?

Next week, the journey continues in Amsterdam.

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