Things start getting serious for Gabby and Rachel on their way to hometowns next week

This week Gabby and Rachel’s journey as the two Bachelorettes continues as their groups of guys take the cruise ship to Amsterdam. Logan switched from Rachel’s group to Gabby’s group last week and he’s still around this week on Team Gabby after receiving her final rose of the night. Let’s see how this continues to shake out with hometowns right around the corner.

Zach gets the one on one date for Rachel’s side this week, his second of the season. Meanwhile on Gabby’s side, Nate gets his second one on one, the clear favorite for Gabby this season.

First up on the one on ones is Gabby and Nate. Even though Nate seems to be the favorite, Gabby quickly drops the bomb on a confessional that she knows that she’s not ready to be a mom to Nate’s daughter. Right away as they sit down she starts crying. She tells him that she has such deep feelings for him but that they’re at two different places in their lives. She says that not only is she terrified of being a mom but she’s even more terrified to be bad at it. This is painful to watch and Nate handles it so great. Gotta make this kid the next Bachelor. No doubt about it. This might be one the most painful breakups on this show to watch there’s ever been. HAVE to make Nate the next Bachelor. HAVE TO!

After that quick “date” and breakup, which was actually kind of a waste of a one on one date when Gabby already knew she was going to end things with Nate anyway, we go to Rachel and Zach’s date. They go around a huge flower field, riding bikes and stopping at a few little stands on their way to a hot tub with a beautiful view of the flower fields. At dinner afterwards in a beautiful museum, Zach opens up to Rachel about how a few years prior he was severely overweight and how fixing his own love for himself and therapy changed his life. Then he drops the first “I’m falling in love with you” of the season.

“Zach, will you accept this rose”

And he’s the first one to go to hometowns and have Rachel meet his family.

Gabby goes back to her group of guys after her breakup with Nate and lets them know that she’s not ready to be a mom and how hard it was for her to send him home. Her and her five remaining guys, including Logan for the first time go onto their group date. Its kind of a weird “sex themed” date to fit being in Amsterdam and trying new things. 

At the cocktail party after, who’s noticeably missing is Logan to the surprise of the other guys. Jesse Palmer goes to Gabby’s suite to talk to her and lets her know that Logan tested positive for covid and they have to cancel the cocktail party. Apparently they were still participating in the stupid covid theater nonsense at the time that they filmed this. Jesse goes to the other guys and lets them know that “there’s been a situation with Logan and the after party is cancelled”. Way to drum up more drama instead of just saying he has a cold that you have to test for. But I’m not gonna get too political with this blog since it’s about The Bachelorette. Tough for Gabby though with hometowns coming up next week though to have this group date cut short without being able to hand out a rose.

Onto Rachel’s group date and her and her other four guys do a cheese tasting and then a fun little cheese themed strongest man competition. Tino wins the cheese king competition. At the after party, Rachel and all her guys have a nice night and Rachel gives her date to Tyler, making him the first of her group to bring to hometowns. Tino gets real pissed afterwards that he didn’t get the rose instead of Tyler, which actually looks very poorly on him and makes it look like he’s just playing the game. The next morning he apologizes to the other guys for his actions and thinks its a huge step backwards in not getting the group date rose. Relax guy, can’t get every rose.

Rose ceremony time and on Gabby’s podium is only three roses meaning that along with Logan, one of her other guys are going home as well. Gabby goes first with all her guys and gives her first rose to Erich. Her second rose goes to Jason. And with her final rose “Johnny, will you accept this rose?” sending Spencer home.

After giving roses at both her one on one and group date, Rachel has two roses remaining for her rose ceremony with Tino, Aven and Ethan remaining. Aven’s the first two get one of Rachel’s rose and then to no surprise at all, Tino gets her second one. 

Next week, hometowns!!

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