Took the Plunge, I’m on TikTok Now

Took the plunge, after years of holding off I have finally joined TikTok.

I was pretty against TikTok, just like I was previously against Instagram when that first became a big thing. I feel like social media in general peaked at the point of mySpace, while turning everyone into an HTML expert. Since then its been a sharp decline so every time a new platform came out, I tried staying away from it. Plus to me, TikTok was an app for high school kids to make stupid dance videos on.

This blog changed everything though a few years back for me. When I started this thing as a gambling blog and loved it, I realized I needed to use the tools of social media to get this site a following and get people to see my work that I put so much time into on a regular basis. I’ve used Twitter and Instagram a ton to get more clicks to this site to hopefully get more viewers with the possibility of getting the right eyeballs on my work to take this site to a whole other level (please see this Dave Portnoy). Short form video is the biggest thing that’s hitting all the algorithms the past year or two and I’m already doing some regular video work with daily Brew Reviews and have a lot planned for the upcoming hockey season.

Last night while I was watching The Bachelorette, I figured it was finally time. I downloaded the app, made an account and after juggled around learning the app I made my first TikTok. Inspired by some of the Barstool guys versions of it, I jumped on the trend of the Teenage Dirtbag throwback videos with some old iPhone 4 mirror pics.


Everyone was a “teenage dirtbag” #teenagedirtbag

♬ teenage dirtbag. wheetus – jj

Surprisingly, I actually thought it was a ton of fun to make this one!

Those types of videos won’t be my go to TikTok’s, for the most part they’ll be the same Brew Reviews that I already post on IG and link to on the daily blogs along with a ton of upcoming video content for the NHL season going through my regular gambling picks in video format, Sabres game recaps and Bills game recaps.

Anyway, follow me on TikTok here!

Next step OnlyFans…just kidding, but maybe not 😉

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