Double the Drama on Gabby and Rachel’s Men Tell All

Last week we had most of the hometowns of Rachel and Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette. This week, Rachel finishes her hometowns with Aven but more so this week, The Men Tell All. Double the drama, double the tears and double the romance…but especially double the drama.

Before we get to the Men Tell All, Rachel’s in Salem, Massachusetts for her date with Aven and to meet his family. First they do some witch thing in Salem, which honestly is quite weird. Then they go to meet his parents. Both of his parents approve of Rachel and afterwards Aven tells Rachel that he’s falling in love with her. Rachel’s thrilled that Aven is open with her and tells her that. 

We then find out that both ladies gave roses to all of their hometown dates, sending no one home. So non dramatic that its right to the Men Tell All.

First they discuss how some of the guys were dicks when they had to go on either Rachel’s group or Gabby’s group. Next they talk about Hayden, who was easily one of the worst guys of this season and not on tonight’s show.

Next topic, Logan, who is there. He’s the first on the hot seat, discussing how he felt about both ladies. He apologizes for making things more difficult in dating both ladies but for the most part just says what everyone wants to hear from him. And he’ll be in Paradise.

Next up on the hot season is Nate. Nate was a huge fan favorite of this season and his breakup with Gabby was heartbreaking to watch. And after he got sent home, I figured he was the perfect fit for the next Bachelor. There’s also some social media rumors about him about previous relationships from before the show that needs to get addressed though. He talks about how when he got divorced he tried to protect his daughter by not telling women about her while he was dating them and then apologizes for that he was dating two ladies at once at the time…which is almost hypocritical of a show thats based on the concept of one person dating 24 other people. Obviously its different in the real world but really this just seems like damage control to me.

Andrew from Katie’s season, Victoria from Peter’s season and Serene from Clayton’s season stops in to talk about Bachelor in Paradise, which lets be real doesn’t need to be pumped up. Paradise is by far the best of the all the Bachelor Nation shows and for some people is the only reason that they watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Cannot wait!

Finally Gabby and Rachel join the show to face all the guys they sent home. Jacob apologizes to Gabby for what he said to her early on and says he’s sorry for his actions on the show. Next, Logan apologizes to Rachel for how he handled switching over to Gabby’s side and along with that, Rachel apologizes to her other guys for cancelling their group date after Logan told her. Rachel then talks about her goodbye with Tyler on his hometown date and Gabby talks about her goodbye with Nate, by far the two most emotional breakups of the season.

Honestly, not as much drama as expected. These Men Tell All episodes get less entertaining every season.

Next week the journey comes to an end with the dramatic season finale of this season with the two ladies and their three final men.

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