ABC ruins a hometown date with a Bachelor in Paradise commercial..and more, on overnights of Rachel and Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette

With today being a holiday and Clemson playing on Monday night to conclude Week 1 of college football (Clemson -23.5, Georgia Tech TT under 13.5), I almost forgot that The Bachelorette was on tonight. No way I was missing it though, so I’m watching it a bit delayed after a double winner of my bets tonight on the football game.

Last week we concluded hometowns, got a long ass sponsored commercial that ABC decided to tell us was the Men Tell All episode, didn’t even see a rose ceremony while they pumped out several segments of sponsored bullshit and just got told that all of the guys on both sides moved on and now we’re back for a two night event for fantasy suites as this season for Rachel and Gabby nears it end.

Going into fantasy suites, both ladies are a bit nervous going into this week because of the way that their season blew up completely on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor on how everything exploded with him being in love and banging all three ladies he had left at that point. 

Erich, who’s absolutely Gabby’s favorite of her guys and the one that she already told that she was falling in love with is the first one of her overnight dates. They go swimming in a natural water hole thing in the middle of the jungle including some fun high jumps into the water. Their date goes fantastic and later that night, Erich tells Gabby that he’s past falling and is in love with Gabby and she tells him that she’s falling in love with him as well. He has to be her guy at the end of this season.

“If you choose to take this next leap, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite”

(still feels weird for that note to be written from Jesse instead of Chris Harrison, especially when Jesse Palmer was just on my TV during halftime of the Clemson game.)

The next morning Gabby and Erich both wake up looking very happy after spending the night together. Erich does make a good point of that she still has two other guys that she could have fantasy suites still with and that he gets in his head. A lot of seasons, the guys try to play that factor off as not mattering. In her confessional after that, Gabby says that she feels that she is in love with Erich and definitely wants to tell him but its not time for her to do so yet with where they are in this season, which is what a lead should do. Unlike Clayton did. I think Erich’s easily the guy for her of her last three.

Onto Rachel’s side and the first of her dates is with Aven. Aven and Rachel head out on an awesome yacht. Meanwhile, Jesse goes to talk to Tino and catch up with him. Jesse asks him how the hometown date went and Tino talks about how lousy it went with Rachel meeting his dad. We contrast back to her current date with Aven and how well it went with meeting both of his parents. At dinner following their date during the day, Rachel tells Aven that she’s falling in love with him as well.

“Please use this key to stay together as a couple in the fantasy suite”

Their overnight date goes great.

Tino has the second date on Rachel’s side after their lousy hometown date last week where his family wasn’t supportive at all. They go horseback riding and after that they go to a beautiful water hole similar to the place that Gabby and Erich went to. Their date goes alright but they both seem a bit nervous and awkward after the hometown date from last week. 

Side note: Johnny, who still hasn’t had his hometown yet was just in a Bachelor in Paradise promo. So guess he’s not the winner on Gabby’s side. Spoiler alert, thanks ABC.

Rachel’s still scared to move forward with Tino after not getting acceptance during hometowns and she’s all in her head about it. To be fair though, that’s definitely a valid concern if his family didn’t accept her. At dinner, Rachel brings that up and that she felt that his parents, especially his dad, didn’t like her at all. Tino says that he doesn’t think that his dad “gets him” but more so that his parents just don’t understand the whole quick nature of how these shows set them up to fall in love in such a short period of time. Tino tells her that his parents are going to have to get on board with it and although it might take a bit of time, accept it all because he’s in love with her. Which even though I’m not a fan of him, is pretty cute. And Rachel responds with telling Tino that she loves him too. Which almost sounds off the cuff. This girl has such strong feelings for her. Onto fantasy suites for them. Cue the romantic instrumental music.

Right to Gabby’s next date, this one with Johnny…who thanks to ABC showing us a commercial, we already know he’ll be in Paradise and not ending up with her. He did already tell his parents last week though that he’s not ready to be engaged though, so really it probably shouldn’t be a surprise anyway. This kid’s gonna fuckkkkk in Paradise. Gabby asks Johnny what he’s thinking on where he thinks he stands in a week and he answers so up in the air where there’s no way he could be engaged and he says he could see himself falling in love with her, but they both know that there’s no way this works out. Which thanks to ABC..we already fucking know. Gabby tells him that he has to be honest and he tells her that he doesn’t think he can see himself at an engagement in a week and that he isn’t ready and can’t bring 100% to the table. They end things and Johnny goes home…to shortly head to Paradise.

Meanwhile, Jesse asks Jason, Gabby’s other remaining guy if he can see himself getting engaged and he admits that in two weeks, it’ll be hard for him to see himself at a pint of engagement. So it looks like it’s all about Erich for her, who’s easily her best guy left anyway. 

In her room, Gabby gets a card that says “I need to see you. I’ll be waiting on the bridge”. She arrives there to see Erich. He tells her that he didn’t need to tell her anything and just wanted to see her. He talks about how great their date went and that he can’t picture her doing that with any other guys. Well luckily, Johnny’s already gone and there’s no future with Jason either. He says it wasn’t his intention to put her on the spot and just wants to tell her how he feels. Gabby says they talked about it off camera and they had an honest conversation about it at fantasy suites and she gets emotional and starts crying. She says that in the fantasy suite, Erich said that this week feels like she’s cheating on him. I mean, this kind of thing has to suck for the guys but that’s part of the show and part of the format of how all this has worked for like 20+ seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She’s clearly pissed that she has to defend herself. But I get his side of it too.

In her confessional, Gabby says that this feels like the end for her and she’s really in her own head. This all continues tomorrow night for what’s sure to be a very dramatic finish to this season!

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