Dramatic conclusions to fantasy suites for Rachel and Gabby leading to next week’s “most emotional finale” in Bachelorette history

Last night we had the first week of overnights of Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. For Rachel, things went well with Aven and Tino. For Gabby, that story was a bit different. She had a great date and night with Erich, who’s clearly her front runner. She sent Johnny home since he couldn’t commit to a relationship with her (and ABC ruined that he’s already going on Paradise before he was even home) and then off camera we see that Jason won’t be ready for an engagement either. Along with that, Erich pisses off Gabby in his jealousy of the other two guys there as if he didn’t realize that this is how the show works. We continue tonight.

Tonight picks up with Erich realizing that he got too in his own head and fucked up. Which is understandable. Gabby goes back to talk to him and is still in her own head as well about her relationship with Erich because of that. 

Next, Gabby has her one on one date with Jason. They start off their date with playing tennis, which Jason did in college and then they go swimming. At dinner that evening, Jason is completely transparent with Gabby and tells her that he doesn’t think that he’s fully there yet and can’t commit to getting engaged at the end of this. The whole bubble situation of the show makes him not know what’s real or not. Really waited till the last minute to drop that one on her. He tells her though that he wants to keep spending time with her and getting to know each other better to see if they could make it work outside of this. They go to the fantasy suite. The next morning, Gabby’s upset and that the previous night her and Jason were just going in circles in their conversation and it just wasn’t meant to be with the two of them. She goes to talk to Jason in his room and they break up and say their goodbyes.

Down to only Erich remaining for Gabby.

Back to Rachel for her final overnight date with Zach. They start off going to a bar in Mexico, go exploring around town, went to a taro card reading and danced to a band. At dinner after, Rachel tells Zach that she has struggled with the feelings that she felt during Clayton’s season during the fantasy suites week when things started to go bad. 

Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to spend the night together in the fantasy suite. 

They both wake up the next morning feeling a bit confused and Zach says that he now feels a bit unsure and that Rachel brought up that she doesn’t know if he’s ready for an engagement at his young age and that it seemed like she was second guessing their relationship out of no where. Zach goes to talk to Jesse and tells him that when the cameras were away during that fantasy suite it seemed like they were both talking completely differently than they have been. 

Meanwhile, Gabby’s a bit nervous going into the rose ceremony that with only having Erich remaining she doesn’t know if her person is there for her.

Rose ceremony time for Rachel and her three remaining guys, since there’s no rose ceremony for Gabby with only one guy. Before Rachel picks up the first rose, Zach asks her to go talk. 

Cutting back to Gabby’s journey, she goes to talk to Erich and she fills him in that he’s the only one left and that she knows that she loves him. Aweee. 

Back to Rachel and Zach. But not, as we cut to Jesse Palmer in studio for the live finale of Rachel and Gabby’s most emotional finale in Bachelorette history.

The most shocking finale of all time, next Tuesday night.

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