Lot of Early Connections and Drama on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise

Last week finished off Gabby and Rachel’s season as co-Bachelorettes. Tonight the best series in the Bachelor Nation franchise kicks off a new season with a bunch of our favorite guys and ladies heading back to the beach for Paradise. The best drama there is.

Almost paradiseeeeeeee

Let’s see who’s coming to the beach. Hunter, Serene, Kira, Genevieve, Shanae, Jill, Teddi, Hailey who I don’t remember at all and Sierra from Clayton’s season, Johnny, Jacob and Logan from Gabby and Rachel’s season, Brandon and Romeo from Michelle’s season, Justin, Michael and Andrew from Katie’s season, Casey from who knows what season, Brittany from Matt’s season and Lace from Ben’s season and the third season of Paradise (way throwback).

First kiss of Paradise, Jacob looking like Tarzan and Shanae. I’m sure they’ll be the first in the boom boom room as well.

As soon as getting to the beach, Brandon pulls away Serene to talk to her. Clearly both of them wanted to meet prior to Paradise. Cute first impression with both of them nervous and real into each other. Cue the romantic music and they kiss!

Romeo and Jill already had a bit of a history before Paradise and he comes hoping to spark things up again. Kira and him also did though. The first hint of drama of the season, starting with Kira stealing Jill’s drink while going to talk to Romeo.

For week one, the guys have the roses with two women leaving Paradise at the end of the week. The first date card of the season goes to Andrew and he asks Teddi to take a shot at love with him and go on the date, which she accepts after their initial connection. He’s definitely nervous on the date, but their date goes well and they really kick it off.

Lace meanwhile is in bed by herself already, putting in zero effort. What a debbie downer. Shanae of all people goes to see her to try to get her to go party on the beach. Lace decides to be fake and tells people its her birthday. She brings a little cake to Logan. They hit it off initially and then he calls her Luce instead of Lace and she gets all pissed and acts like a bitch towards him.

Meanwhile, Romeo talks to Jill again and tells her that he doesn’t have a connection with Kira.  She tells him that she wants more actions from him and he kisses her. While they’re making out, Kira goes to talk to him. He tells her that he thinks that he and Jill are starting to connect and he asks Kira to let him pursue Jill in peace. Kira walks back and pulls Jill away and confronts her with “what’s your problem with me?”. Kira makes a huge unnecessary deal and is definitely wrong in the whole thing. She then goes to try to hook up with half the beach.

The next morning, the first new girl to walk down the steps is Victoria Fuller from Peter’s season of The Bachelor, back in Paradise for the second time.

The drama and the connections continue next week!

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