Quite an exit from Bachelor in Paradise

Two nights in a row of Paradise. Yesterday’s episode was pretty solid with several different sources of drama heating up. Let’s pick up where we left off tonight.

Jacob hasn’t made a strong connection yet and has three ladies fighting for his rose are Hailey, Lace and Kira. Kira makes the most impact when she surprises him wearing just three big leafs like his one from night one. Tarzan found his Jane.

Another one with multiple options for his rose are Justin, who started out with Genevieve and then went a date with Victoria when she got to Paradise. After quickly catching up with Victoria, Justin gets Genevieve a cake for her birthday and tells her that he’s still into her even after going on the date with Victoria. He reiterates again that he was honest the day before and she gets ridiculous again to him.

Victoria thinking that Justin is going to give Genevieve his rose, so she goes and pulls Johnny, who already has a connection with Hunter and she thinks she’s getting his rose. He tells Victoria that he does have a connection with Hunter but then two seconds later, him and Victoria are making out.

Rose ceremony time. First one of this season of Paradise. Twelve guys, nine girls, so three ladies are going home.

The guaranteed roses always go first so to no surprise, Andrew starts off giving his rose to Teddi, Brandon gives his to Serene, Michael gives his to Sierra, Logan gives his to Shanae, Casey gives his to Brittany, then the interesting ones start. Jacob gives his rose to Lace, likely sending Kira and Hailey home. Justin gives his rose to Genevieve and she accepts it. He kind of had two bad decisions to make there between her and Victoria. Johnny gives his rose to Victoria, which sucks big time for Hunter, who didn’t make any other connections. With the final rose of the evening, Romeo, who really doesn’t have a connection with anyone. He apologizes to Jill for how he acted this week. He asks her to accept his rose to either try to fix things with him and try it again or for her to explore other connections. She accepts and there’s no way she continues things with him. Hunter, Hailey and Kira all go home. Kind of surprising for Hunter and sort of a scummy move by Johnny but the other two were zero shock to go home.

New week and the ladies have the roses now. Joining Paradise for the second time around are the two best friends of James and Aaron and they come in with a double date card. Aaron asks Genevieve and James asks Shanae, reuniting the two rivals that had a two on one date on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor and in addition, during that season’s Women Tell All, Shanae said that Genevieve slept with Aaron. ALLL the drama. Bit hypocritical of Genevieve though to go on the date after having the whole meltdown cause Justin went on one. To start the date, the four of them have a pool contest. There actually isn’t any drama between Genevieve and Shanae with them both shockingly getting along. There’s a solid connection between Genevieve and Aaron and she compares it to her connection with Justin and she’s much more confident in the connection with Aaron. Shanae and James also start off with a good connection and it comes effortless and easy for them.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Jared and Ashley visit Paradise as one of the actually successful couples from Paradise. So they’re pretty much on vacation here as a married couple to give advice.

Next to join Paradise is Rodney, one of the fan favorites from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette. He talks to Jill and Teddi. Teddi has immediate feelings for him before he even asks anyone to go on the date and freaks out about her current connection with Andrew and asks him to go talk. She breaks down that she doesn’t know if it would work out with them and they end their thing. You could tell that she’s young and not so great with relationships with the way she handled this one. She freaks out that she just went there to meet Andrew and it didn’t work with him so she doesn’t think she could have a connection with anyone in Paradise…like five minutes after she was all pumped to meet Rodney. Next she’s no where to be found, she does the Irish goodbye and just leaves Paradise. Pretty insane move.

Back to Rodney, who cares back with his date decision looking for Teddi and gets told she’s gone. That continues next week.

Quite an exit from Bachelor in Paradise.

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