A new spark for Michael and a WHOLE NEW crazy twist on Bachelor in Paradise

I’m watching last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise a day late but whatever, I avoided the spoilers and honestly I don’t really care a whole lot since so far this season has been filled with filler nonsense like married couples banging each other on the beach…who cares.

Anyway, last night (which I’m just going to refer to as tonight’s for the purposes of this blog as I put myself back into the moment as I watch it) we start off with a lot of the guys nervous that they’re going home at that evening’s rose ceremony with just seven ladies and twelve guys…which means five of the guys are going home. A lot of the guys have zero connections, so it doesn’t look great for a bunch of them. 

But first, more air time for Jared and Ashley. But at least they’re leaving so no more wasting air time with that.

Time for the cocktail party. Shanae is torn between James and Logan. It seems like James definitely puts more effort into it and is likely the favorite to receive her rose this week. Peter, who didn’t have any connection whatsoever on his date with Brittany decided he should try to say that she’s just chasing clout and trying to get Instagram followers (which is what EVERYONE gets out of being on these shows anyway). She pulls Peter aside and confronts him for saying that she’s just being a clout chaser. Then she calls him out for just fishing for complements the entire date. This kid can’t stay out of his own fucking way. After that, a few of the other girls confront him and just kick him out, telling him that he isn’t going to get a rose. In the midst of that, Casey, who sort of started the drama by telling Brittany what Peter said about her (while chasing her rose himself), gives himself a panic attack, gets dizzy and passes out on the beach. He hurts his ankle in passing out and gets taken in an ambulance by the medics. Can’t be good going to a hospital in Mexico. Rodney, James, Logan and Jacob go confront Peter to leave the beach and he leaves.

Before the rose ceremony, a new girl, Danielle from Nick Viall’s season comes down to the beach (for the second time). She has an immediate connection with Michael, who doesn’t have any current relationships with anyone on the beach and is already pretty much expecting to go home before she arrives.

Rose ceremony time. All the obvious roses go first. Serene’s to Brandon, Jill’s to Jacob, Lace’s to Rodney, Genevieve’s to Aaron. Next is Shanae, so will she pick James or Logan…”Logan, will you accept this rose?”. Bit of a surprise to me there, I figured it would be James. Victoria gives her’s to Johnny, Brittany gives her rose to Andrew and finally with the final rose of the evening, Danielle gives it to Michael. Could be a great start for the two of them, they seem cute. Justin and James go home.

The next morning, Danielle gets her date card and takes Michael. They go on a boat ride and connect more but it also stalls a little bit with his feelings of meeting Danielle not giving him the same feeling as meeting his late wife. If he just continues to make that comparison though, he’s never going to get over her and find someone new cause he’s way too in his own head and grieving his loss. After the boat ride, they go to dinner and Danielle tells Michael about how she lost her fiancé eleven years prior to a drug overdose. She talks about the guilt she felt from his death and not knowing what he was doing and the guilt about her happiness now. They connect on that Michael says that he gets nervous and scared that on his way to pursuing his own happiness he is going to hurt other people. They really have that spark of their tragic past relationships with a hope of it moving forward and Michael say it was a perfect first date.

Back on the beach where everyone is all coupled up, Jesse Palmer comes and announces the big twist of this season. The new test for all of these couples, for this week all of the ladies will be leaving the beach and coming into Paradise are five new ladies, Jessenia from Matt’s season of The Bachelor and last season of Paradise, Sarah, Kate and Eliza from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor and Florence from The Bachelor Australia. A whole new twist. At the end of the week, the ladies will return to Paradise and they’re all big time PISSED. So we’ll see how strong some of these connections actually are. Let the journey continue.

Most of the girls leaving are losing it with the uncertainty, thinking that they’re going to come back without their guys still wanting them.

Tomorrow (tonight) the chaos continues with all of the original girls leaving and new connections starting…along with a new set of guys joining the original ladies.

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