Big drama over nothing with Aaron and Genevieve on Paradise

Last night on Bachelor in Paradise, Justin returned to the beach causing drama for two existing couples. That drama, and more of it continues tonight.

Joining Paradise this week is Hayden, one of the worst characters from Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. This dude was such an asshole. When he pulls Kate aside after he got almost no interest from anyone else since he’s a self absorbed prick, she tells him to shoot his shot. He asks her on the date and she accepts, much to Logan’s dismay. She says on the confessional that she pretty much just said yes to test Logan and hope he tells her not to go…mind games for absolutely no reason. He tells her to go, rightfully with the way all of this works and is annoyed with that she’s going. On their date, Hayden and Kate start off going zip lining through the jungle, which actually looks very fun. Hayden gets all scared on the zip lines, which looks pathetic and Kate even makes fun of it in the confessional. After the zip lining date that Kate’s already not thrilled with, Hayden decides to tell her the whole story of his dog having cancer and him leaving his sick dog behind for a SECOND time now to come off the shows, once again proving how much of an asshole he is. Like be there for you dog. Then, this guy tells her that he spent SIX FIGURES on his dog’s treatment..the dog that he left back home. To make matters even worse, he tells Kate that on The Bachelorette he told Gabby that she was rough around the edges and that afterwards he said his ex was hotter than both Bachelorettes and then said that both Rachel and Gabby were not there for the right reasons. This guy might be the worst we’ve ever seen on these shows.

Back on the beach, the love triangle with Eliza, Justin and Rodney. Justin goes to talk to Rodney about the whole situation and Rodney’s pissed. Rodney pulls Eliza to go talk. He tells her that she’s the only girl he wants on the beach and that he was shocked that she didn’t know his thoughts. She says that he should have told her that before she went on the date and fought for her not to go, which again is immature considering how this show works. She then tells him that if she was his only focus, he wouldn’t have let her go on that date…that’s not how this show works!! This girl’s acting like a child.

Next to join Paradise are Justin and Joey, the little 23 year old twins that both went home the first night of Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette before there was even a rose ceremony and they come down with a double date card. Justin asks Florence and Shanae asks Joey. Cougar time! Good for these guys!! The date starts at a bar with Wells hosting a bunch of cantina games. Actually looks like SUCH a fun date. All four of them have a lot of fun and both couples actually have a decent starting connection. Like Florence says (and I say A LOT), age is nothing but a number. Shanae even says that what she feels with Joey is different than any of the other connections she had on the beach.

On the beach, Genevieve gets pissed with Aaron since instead of spending time and talking to her he’s just chilling with the boys and shooting the shit with them having fun. She brings it up to him and like comes at him for it. They get into a full on argument. From a guy’s perspective, Genevieve’s kind of making a huge deal out of nothing and like Victoria says, this is a big miscommunication. She goes to get him to talk and he goes back at her and starts another argument with her and this one’s definitely his fault. With her bags all packed she starts leaving Paradise. Aaron goes to talk to her and as they’re fighting, Genevieve tells him that the day before she realized that she was falling in love with him and he tells her that he’s falling in love with her too. The kiss, make up and she stays on Paradise. Cute make up after all of that drama.

Next week the drama continues as Paradise draws closer to an end.

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