Gotta feel so bad for Rodney on this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise

Only one episode of Bachelor in Paradise this week due to mid term election coverage as this long season nears its end in a few weeks. I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t watch it live so I’m catching up this morning.

Coming back from her lousy date with Hayden, Kate goes back to the beach and she pulls Logan away from the group to go talk. She tells him that she wants him to be able to let her know what she’s thinking. He tells her that he didn’t want her to go. They say they both want to be with each other and they make out in the rain.

The next morning, Kate is still trying to figure out if her and Logan are a good match. She realizes that she’s seven years older than him and just keeps focusing on that he doesn’t have money, has two roommates and can’t afford an Equinox membership. She then re-starts thinking of Hayden, who has plenty of money. “I want a man to have provider energy” isn’t a great line to say if you want a solid relationship. Logan probably isn’t the right fit for her but she isn’t navigating this well.

Cocktail party time before the rose ceremony with the ladies having roses and some of the guys on the chopping block. Specifically with Kate and Eliza undecided on who they’re giving their roses to. 

Kate doesn’t have any real connection with Hayden and it feels like she’s trying to force something there because he has money and Logan doesn’t. 

The other love triangle that needs to get sorted out is Eliza with Rodney and Justin. It seems like she’s evenly into both of them, with her conversations going fine with both guys and kissing both of them at the cocktail party. Can’t really fault either guy, she’s just playing both sides and can’t make a decision in either direction. 

Rose ceremony time. As usual, all the obvious roses first. Genevieve’s to Aaron, Jessenia to Andrew, Brittany to Tyler, Victoria to Johnny, Danielle to Michael, Serene to Brandon. The young twins get their roses as Florence gives her’s to Justin and Shanae gives her’s to Joey. Next up, Kate. She makes the right decision and gives her rose to Logan rather than chasing money with Hayden. Before asking him to accept the rose she tells him that she needs more from him and asks if he can give her that. This girl is acting so shady with how she’s going about this whole thing with Logan. The final rose of the evening, Eliza’s. She emotionally thanks Rodney for showing up for her this week and gives him her rose. All the rest of the beach is happy with her decision, which was definitely the right one. After the rose ceremony, she pulls Justin aside and apologizes that it was such a hard choice. Along with Justin, Hayden, Jacob and Alex go home. 

Danielle and Michael join Wells for a planned out date on the town. They go horseback riding with a bunch of stops hosted by Wells along the way. He has tacos, chocobananas, hats, drinks and the three of them end up having drinks together. Wells tells them how great his connection is with Sarah and that he sees a similar really good connection between Michael and Danielle. He lets them be and gives them some alone time. 

The next morning on the beach, Rodney wakes up super happy after Eliza chose him at the rose ceremony. Her on the other hand, no so much as she lays in bed crying. She’s still questioning if she made the right choice for herself between Rodney and Justin and if Rodney is the right person for her. She goes down to talk to Rodney and tells him that she chose him because it felt like the right thing to do but that she felt so emotional walking Justin out but woke up still feeling the same way. Rodney asks her if she feels like she made the wrong decision. She says she doesn’t think that she made the right decision for herself and that she was influenced by how much love everyone else has for Rodney. Cause Rodney’s a great guy! She says she just thinks she has stronger feelings for Justin and leaves to go chase him. And really Eliza just handled this whole thing so immaturely.  Gotta feel so bad for Rodney. He should be the next Bachelor after Zach. This guy deserves happiness. Everyone else on the beach is very emotional about Rodney’s exit.

Eliza flys to Baltimore and goes to see Justin at his home. That continues tomorrow as we see their reunion with more crazy drama on the beach.

Back to two episodes next week with just four episodes left for the season.

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