NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 12/20/22

Got my third profitable night in a row yesterday on the NHL, going 3-1-2 to win 0.84 units. Tonight we have another eight game slate, let’s keep winning!!

Hurricanes vs. Devils (7:00)

This is an incredible matchup between the two teams tied at the top of the Metropolitan Division, one on their best streak of hockey of the season and one on their worst. Coming off a 3-2 win against the Penguins on Sunday, the Hurricanes are on a five game win streak, picking up points in each of their last ten eleven games with nine wins in their last ten games to improve to 19-6-6 on the season. They’ve been incredible defensively, especially as of late and although their offense hasn’t been special, they’re capable enough to get wins. The Devils, coming off a 4-2 loss to the Panthers are on a five game losing streak after only have five losses the entire rest of the season, dropping to 21-8-2 on the year. They are still a very good team, playing great hockey on both ends of the ice. This game’s a coin flip to me. I’d give the slight edge in play to the Devils but with how hot the Canes are right now and this game being at home from them, I’d rather not bet a side. I’d lean the under but not enough to bet on that either. I’ll stay off betting this game but I will definitely be watching it.

Flyers vs. Blue Jackets (7:00)

Both of these teams blow. The Flyers are 10-15-7, coming off a 6-3 loss to the Rangers on Saturday night (easy winner for me). They’ve only picked up three wins in their last 20 games. Their offense is pathetic and their defensive play is only marginally better. The Blue Jackets are terrible too, on a four game losing streak after a 2-1 loss at home to the Stars yesterday. They also have a ton of injuries and just have three wins in their last 13 games. Their offense is just a tiny bit better than Philly’s but their defense and goaltending is some of the worst in the NHL. Columbus won both prior games at home between these teams this season, winning 5-2 on November 10th and then 5-4 in overtime on November 15th. I’d lean the Flyers get a win at home tonight with the Jackets on the second half of a back to back, but no chance I’m betting on a team this bad. Especially when the line on this game has them favored at -185. No fucking shot. I’d lean the over but not enough to bet that either and have to rely on these teams to light the lamp. I’ll skip this game and there’s no way I tune into a minute of it. 

Penguins vs. Rangers (7:00)

These teams are both playing really well right now. The Penguins had their seven game winning streak come to an end on Sunday with a 3-2 loss in Carolina. They’ve played awesome hockey lately with a 12-2-1 record in their last 15 games, improving to 18-9-4 on the season. Pittsburgh’s offense has been very good all season and their defense and goaltending has improved a ton over the last month. The Rangers are on a seven game win streak, coming off a 7-1 blowout win in Chicago on Sunday to improve to 18-10-5. They’ve been okay statistically all season while not getting great results but have improved quite a bit. I’d lean the Penguins win tonight at home and would lean the over but not enough to bet this game. 

Maple Leafs vs. Lightning (7:00)

The Lightning are on a five game win streak with just three losses in their last 16 games to improve to 20-9-1 on the season. They’re definitely a contender again this season playing great hockey, coming off a 5-1 win in Montreal on Saturday (easy winner for me). Their offense is just as good as its been the last three years as they won their three straight Eastern Conference Finals. Their defense and goaltending hasn’t been quite as good on the year, but they haven’t allowed more than two goals in each of their last five games. After going on a streak of picking up points in 15 games in a row, the Leafs are coming off two losses in a row, most recently a 5-2 loss in Washington on Saturday night. They’ve played very well on both ends of the ice. I’d expect this to be an awesome game, just as the Tampa’s 4-3 overtime win at home on December 3rd was. I’d slightly lean the Leafs answer back with a win at home tonight but I don’t see any edge in betting this game.

Jets vs. Senators (8:00)

The Senators are playing quite well lately with eight wins in their last twelve games to improve to 14-15-2 on the season after a terrible start to the year. Their four game winning streak came to an end with a 4-2 loss in Minnesota on Sunday afternoon. They’ve played pretty well offensively but they’ve sucked defensively this season. That has improved recently though on this decent run. The Jets are a very good team, in second place in the Central Division with a 20-10-1 record. They’re coming off a 3-2 loss in Seattle on Sunday. On the season Winnipeg has played fantastic hockey all season on both ends of the ice. Tonight Connor Hellebuyck will be out of the lineup so the Jets have backup David Rittich confirmed in goal once again. I’d lean the Jets and the over in this game but with Rittich starting, I don’t think this game is worth betting on. Another game I’m skipping completely. I would have been all over Winnipeg in this matchup in Hellebuyck was playing.

Kraken vs. Blues (10:00)

Last night the Blues got a dominant victory in Vancouver, beating the Canucks in a 5-1 blowout (push for me on the over). St. Louis is now on a four game winning streak to improve to 16-15-1 on the season. The Blues offense has been pretty good this season but their defense and goaltending has sucked. They have allowed just an average of 1.5 goals in their last four games. The Kraken are coming off a 3-2 win against the Jets on Sunday, just their second win in their last seven games after they had gone on a seven game win streak. Seattle’s much improved from last year with a 17-10-3 record. Their offense has been very good this season but their defense and goaltending has been pretty inconsistent. The first time these teams played this season, the Blues got a 4-3 overtime win in Seattle on October 19th. With the Blues on the second half of a back to back, I’d lean the Kraken win at home but not enough to bet it. I do like the over though and I’ll take the alternate over 5.5 in this game for half a unit.

Kings vs. Ducks (10:30)

I don’t think either of these California rivals are all that good. The Ducks are the worst team in the NHL at 9-20-3 on the season. They are coming off two road wins in a row, beating the Oilers 4-3 on Saturday and the Canadiens 5-2 on Thursday. On the season, they have been horrible on both ends of the ice with the worst defense in the NHL and the second worst offense in the NHL. The Kings are 17-12-5 on the season, coming off two shootout wins in a row over San Jose and Boston. Their offense has been pretty good this season but their defense and goaltending has been horrible. LA should win this game pretty easily but I don’t think the -275 price on them is worth betting on, nor do I trust them to bet on the regulation line here. I was going to bet the Kings team total but I don’t think that’s worth it at 4 goals either. I’ll just stay off this game. I’d lean the over.

Sharks vs. Flames (10:30)

These Pacific Division teams just played on Sunday night in San Jose with the Flames picking up a 5-2 win. That win ended Calgary’s five game losing streak. The Flames are 14-12-6 on the season, a big disappointment from my preseason pick of them to win the Stanley Cup this year…which is clearly not happening this year. Calgary’s been okay on both ends of the ice but okay doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to lift Lord Stanley. This team might not even make playoffs this year. The Sharks haven’t been good this year and coming off that loss on Sunday, they’ve dropped to 10-17-6 on the season with only four wins in their last 15 games. They’ve been okay offensively but have struggled on the back end. I’d expect another Flames win on the road here and will take them for half a unit along with the alternate over 5.5 for half a unit.

Game Bets

.5u Kraken/Blues over 5.5 (-134)

.5u Flames ML (-180)

.5u Flames/Sharks over 5.5 (-134)


1u Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champions (+1000)

1.5u Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champions (+1100)

2u Vegas Golden Knights – Stanley Cup Champions (+1200)

1.5u Carolina Hurricanes – Stanley Cup Champions (+1300)

1u New Jersey Devils – Stanley Cup Champions (+1600)

Record: 207-192-5 (-34.78 units)

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