The journey begins for Zach Shallcross, the new Bachelor

Tonight another new season of The Bachelor begins, with Zach Shallcross starts his journey to find love. Zach was on Rachel and Gabby’s season of the Bachelorette and was left heartbroken with a lousy breakup from Rachel. He seems like a genuinely good guy that is here for the right reasons.

We start off with Zach having a conversation with from Bachelor Sean Lowe. He gives him a few quick pointers on being the lead. Pretty much filler.

Zach already met five of the women already on the After the Final Rose of Gabby and Rachel’s season of the Bachelorette when it was announced that he would be the next Bachelor. Which at that point was also basically just filler content, but regardless one of them already has a rose, voted on by the fans, “America’s first impression rose”.

Let’s meet the ladies, who I’m not going to bother giving my first impressions of like I have in years past. 

Most of the girls were fine, Madison was pretty much the only annoying one, who went to talk to him twice. On the second time she went in for a kiss and it was a pretty much emotionless peck, with Zach saying it didn’t feel right. So she’s probably going home tonight. Some of these ladies are already getting a little bit nuts, and its only the first night.

Greer got the first impression rose, who made a quick start to being one of Zach’s front runners.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Madison, who was losing her mind after her lousy kiss, goes to talk to Zach and asks him for validation if he wants her to be on this journey. He thanks her for being there but is honest with her that he doesn’t feel a connection and sends her home early. Probably easier that way.

Onto the rose ceremony. Cat gets the final rose of the evening. Not really any surprises since it’s so early in the season, so Zach and the audience don’t even get to know any of the people that go home.

This season is sure to be entertaining. Back again next Monday as the real journey begins.

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