Feels like drama just for drama on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor

Last week Zach’s season of The Bachelor began with his first dates of the season and a bit of drama. He’s already establishing some good connections but there’s still some matches that really haven’t developed yet with some of the women.

Kaity gets the first one on one date this week, which with a little twist starts off in the evening rather that the typical daytime start. Their date begins at a natural history museum which is a pretty dope date with the entire thing all to themselves like its Night at the Museum. She tells him that she’s never experienced anything romantic and she seems a little bit overwelmed, but in a good way. It’s also a little weird to me that at 27 she hasn’t “experienced anything romantic”. Like it’s not gonna be to the level of a show built around the idea of falling in love in like six weeks, but not experiencing “anything” seems a little much. She expands on that farther though and then explains that she was treated like shit in previous relationships. Zach gives her the rose and then more so asks her if she’d like to spend the night in the museum with her. So we get an overnight date and mini-fantasy suite already in Week 3? How adorable of a setup too for this too. When she gets back, all of the rest of the girls are really in their own heads about.

The group date takes place at a football field, joined by Shawne “lights out” Merriman and Antonio Gates, two of the best NFL players of all time in their positions. Typical tackle football game of every season with the winning team going to the after-party and the losing team going back to the mansion. During the after party is that Christina, who had the one on one last week can’t stop talking about it, which annoys the rest of the girls quite a bit, especially Brooklyn, who calls her out for it. The bigger thing though is that Bailey goes to get validation from Zach and he says that there’s a disconnect, so that girl’s definitely not sticking around after this week. He tells her that he’s not confident that there is a future there between them and has to pursue the connections that are stronger. He walks her out and sends her home. Christina does make a comment though that Bailey has a roommate and it was inevitable, which although pretty much true, she probably should’ve kept that to herself. Zach gives the group date rose to Charity, who he seems to be building a strong connection with.

Aly gets the second one on one of the week and before the date gets a wedding dress dropped off. Wearing the wedding dress and with Zach in a suit, they go skydiving. Very fun date for them. They connect more at dinner and he gives her the rose. Following dinner, they get a romantic private concert.

Instead of a cocktail party before the rose ceremony this week, they have a pool party at the mansion. At the party, Brianna, who was really in her own head last week since she has zero connection with Zach, tells her that she’s planning to leave. On her way out though, she says that her and other girls in the house have been intimidated by Christina. I hate when girls do this shit on the show. Especially when they’re leaving. After Brianna leaves, Zach goes to talk to Christina. Christina breaks down crying after that discussion. After that, Zach talks to Brooklyn and Charity, who shed some more light on the whole situation. It does really all seem like drama just for drama in my opinion. Like Christina hasn’t really done herself any favors this week, but all this ordeal seems a bit much to me.

Onto the rose ceremony. With the final rose of the night…”Mercedes, will you accept this rose”, sending Christina home. Understandable that Zach just didn’t want to deal with the drama but really I think that was his way out of dealing with the whole kid thing that he already admitted scared him during their one on one, that he wasn’t ready to be a stepdad. This girl will be a star in Paradise. A little bit bummed out that she got sent home though.

The drama with everyone else continues next week.

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