Sabres vs. Blue Jackets: 2/28/23 – Game Reactions/Recap

The Sabres came into tonight on a three-game win streak with four incredible wins in their last five games to put themselves in a Wild Card spot. They had a terrible game tonight at home though, losing 5-3 to the Blue Jackets.

The Jackets scored first tonight with a rocket of a shot from Kent Johnson in transition that got past Anderson just 2:53 into the game, on the power play. Didn’t take long for the Sabres to tie it up though and 18 seconds later, Skinner had a great pass in transition to Tage Thompson who had a beautiful shot of his own, making it a 1-1 game. With 6:19 left in the first, the Sabres defense got caught puck watching, letting Eric Robinson get open right in front, and take the lead for Columbus again on a shot Anderson had no shot at saving. Fun period with these teams going back and forth with plenty of shots and chances.

It took till the 11:53 mark of the second period to see a goal, with Eric Robinson scoring a second goal to put the Jackets up 3-1. Another pathetic defensive effort by the Sabres for that goal. Boone Jenner made it 4-1 Columbus with a crazy goal with just 18 seconds left in the second, a big lowlight for the Sabres defense with him walking right through them. Stinger. Pretty shitty period for Buffalo.

The Sabres opened the scoring in the third period with a very nice shot by Jack Quinn, 5:02 into the period, streaking into the zone in transition and beating Elvis. The Sabres scored again with 10:14 left in regulation, hitting the over and making it a game with a shot from JJ Peterka on the power play to put us back in this thing on a one timer. HUGE goal. The comeback fell short though with Robinson scoring his first career hat trick on the empty net to close out the game.

Final: Sabres 3, Blue Jackets 5

Complete shit loss for the Sabres tonight in the middle of the playoff race to lose against the worst team in the fucking NHL. Terrible game defensively for the Sabres. Most of the goals the Blue Jackets scored tonight were because of Buffalo’s defense just getting caught sleeping. Trash. The offense wasn’t great either through two periods, but at least they woke up in the third period.

Back at it again on Thursday in Boston against the best team in the NHL.

Go Sabres.

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