Another boring episode of The Bachelor last night. This season sucks.

I went to the Sabres game last night, so I’m a day late watching this week’s episode of The Bachelor, which is fine since this season has been boring as fuck. Zach and his remaining women are in Budapest for the final week before hometowns.

Kaity, the front-runner for Zach gets the one on one this week, her second of the season. They have a romantic date exploring the city. At dinner afterwards, Kaity tells Zach about how she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. Zach gives her the rose and she’s the first one to officially get a hometown date this season.

On the group date Zach and the ladies start off with a magic show and mentalist, which is very creepy and a pretty weird date. I don’t think any of the four girls on the date enjoyed it. After emotional conversations with each of them, Zach gives Gabi the group date rose. So she’s going to hometowns.

Greer makes her return after her quarantine from getting covid (eye roll). Her return doesn’t last long though and after a conversation with Zach where he tells her that he doesn’t see a future with them enough to give her a hometown rose, and sends her home. No surprise with how much time that she missed.

Brooklyn gets the second one on one of the week, her second of the season as well. They do some local stuff, riding bikes around, going on a hot air balloon, and going to a bathhouse. At dinner, Brooklyn tells Zach about her family and is very confident with their relationship. Zach gets a bit emotional though and has to step away from dinner to think a bit. He tells her that there’s just something missing and that he isn’t fully confident enough in their connection to move forward and meet her family. Zach tells her that she deserves the love he can’t give her and sends Brooklyn home. Can’t force something that just isn’t there.

Onto the rose ceremony, the most important one of the season. Ariel gets the first rose, which comes as zero surprise. That leave Charity and Kat as the two left for the final rose…

Charity, will you accept this rose?

Also, no surprise. Another boring episode. This season sucks. Like this has to be the most boring season of this franchise that I have watched. Zach is just too normal of a guy to be an entertaining lead.

Double episodes next week, both Monday and Tuesday, with the hometown dates and the women tell all.

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