NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 3/8/23

Another losing night on the NHL yesterday. Despite going 6-6, I lost 3.62 units, thanks to the Pens and Canes both needing overtime to win, when I had them both in regulation. We have just a small three game slate tonight before a huge eleven game slate tomorrow. Gotta bounce back here.

I’m over a 50 burger on the year. First time that’s ever happened for me…yikes.

Jets vs. Wild (7:30)

This should be a fantastic defensive battle between two very good defensive teams. I broke this matchup down in depth with my article on StatSalt. As I said in that article, coming off a 1-0 shootout loss to the Flames at home last night in a double shutout, I expect the Wild to bounce back with a win on the road and will take them for half a unit. Minnesota’s been on fire while the Jets are in a slump, coming off a 3-2 overtime loss at home to the Sharks where they completely fucked me on Monday night, giving up the tying goal with just eleven seconds left in regulation. Along with the Wild ML, I’m going right back to my props on Karill Kaprizov that I was on last night. Karill “the thrill” has 15 goals and 3 assists in the last 13 games where he was held pointless in his previous game, generating an average of 4.31 shots per game in those game. He didn’t have a point on Saturday in their win or last night in their loss. He’s only been held pointless in two games straight twice previously this season. I’ll take Karill over 3.5 shots for 1.5 units along with a unit on him to score. My favorite play on this game is the under, expecting a defensive grind and I’ll take the alternate under 6 here for 2 units.

Red Wings vs. Blackhawks (7:30)

Not a great matchup here with two cross-conference teams playing horrible hockey. Coming off a 3-1 loss in Philly on Sunday, the Red Wings are on a six game losing streak to drop to 28-26-9 on the season. They’ve struggled on both ends of the ice. The Blackhawks are one of the worst teams in the NHL this season with a 22-36-5 record and got significantly worse at the trade deadline when they traded Patrick Kane and Max Domi, their two leading scorers. They’re now by far the worst offensive team in the league and aren’t much better defensively. Chicago ended a four game losing streak, giving me a huge loss with their 5-0 shutout win at home against the Senators. The first game between these teams needed overtime, with the Blackhawks winning 4-3 at home on October 21st. I expect Detroit to win here at home and end their losing streak, but at -235, I can’t bet that. I’ll take a shot on the Red Wings in regulation for half a unit.

Canucks vs. Ducks (10:00)

This is a pretty lousy matchup as well out West in the Pacific Division. The Ducks are one of the worst teams in the NHL this season with a 21-34-8 record. They’ve played well lately though, with a 4-1-1 record in their last six games, coming off a 5-2 loss in Seattle last night. Statistically they’re one of the worst teams in the league on both ends of the ice. The Canucks are a mess and come into tonight’s game with a 26-32-5 record. They’ve been decent lately though with with a 5-2-1 record in their last eight games. Vancouver’s offense has been pretty good, but their defense and goaltending sucks. The first game between these teams was very high scoring with the Canucks winning 8-5 at home on November 3rd. I’d lean Vancouver wins here at home, especially with the Ducks in the second half of a back to back, but I’m not betting on them at -230. I do like the over though, which I’ll take for half a unit.

Game Bets

.5u Wild ML (+125)

2u Wild/Jets under 6 (-143)

1.5u Karill Kaprizov over 3.5 shots (-122)

1u Karill Kaprizov over .5 goals (+117)

.5u Red Wings in regulation (-141)

.5u Canucks/Ducks over 6.5 (-140)


1u Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champions (+1000)

1.5u Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champions (+1100)

2u Vegas Golden Knights – Stanley Cup Champions (+1200)

1.5u Carolina Hurricanes – Stanley Cup Champions (+1300)

1u New York Rangers – Stanley Cup Champions (+1300)

1u New Jersey Devils – Stanley Cup Champions (+1600)

Record: 538-449-20 (-53.36 units)

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