Pretty good hometown dates for Zach on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.

We’ve already reached hometowns week of Zach’s season of The Bachelor, which has been an incredibly boring season. His four remaining women are Kaity, Gabi, Charity, and Ariel. All four are great and he does have very good connections with each of them. The last several seasons I complained that there was too much drama and no real intentions of finding love. This season that script flipped, and now its been boring.

Gabi’s hometown is first as Zach meets her in Vermont. They start off with drilling for maple syrup and Gabi gives Zach a little Vermont syrup test, which he fails. When Zach meets her family, the first one to pull him away is Gabi’s brother, then her mom. Her family accepts Zach and they think it could work for them. The interesting part is that when each of her family members ask if she’s in love, especially her dad, who believes in love at first sight, she just says that she thinks that she could fall in love with him but isn’t yet.

Next its off to New York City for Ariel’s hometown date. They start off with going to a Jewish deli to have pastrami sandwiches, then go to a cool speakeasy, before meeting her parents and her brother. Zach first gets pulled away by her brother, who’s a big hardo and is very skeptical about the whole thing. He asks a good question though of why Ariel should pick him, not the other way around. But then its just the typical I don’t think this format actually works kind of thing and he asks Zach the stupid questions of if he knows Ariel’s birthday or middle name. Who cares, there’s nothing a trivial thing like a birthday or a middle name means to a connection. Especially in something like this. What’s the Bachelor supposed to do, ask and memorize all that kind of shit? Stupid question. Zach answers back that he disagrees and why worry about that, and focus on the bigger picture. Then Zach talks to her dad, which does go better than with her brother. Afterwards, Ariel tells Zach that she is definetely falling for him.

Charity’s next with Zach heading down to Georgia for her hometown date. They have the biggest hometown with Zach meeting her family and a bunch of her friends. Meeting her family and friends goes great and afterwards, when they go to a country bar, Charity tells Zach that she is falling in love with him.

Down to Austin, Texas for the final hometown date, Kaity. Which is also Zach’s hometown. They do some regular, every day kind of stuff, going shopping, buying flowers, and then go to Kaity’s house. At her house, Zach helps her put some stuff together in her house. Then they go to meet her family. Kaity’s mom, who’s approval means so much to Kaity, accepts Zach and thinks that he’s a great fit for her. Kaity tells Zach that she is falling in love with him. I’d be shocked if it doesn’t end up being these two at the end of this and I think the two of them are the best fit.

Back in LA for the rose ceremony. Sean Lowe talks to Zach to offer him a little bit of non-advice. Onto the biggest rose ceremony of the season and I really have no idea who’s going home out of them (although I’m pretty confident it won’t be Kaity). Ariel gets the first rose of the night. A little surprised by that since I thought it would absolutely be Kaity that got the first rose, but she safely gets the second one. And with the final rose of the evening…

“Gabi, will you accept this rose?”

That sends Charity home. He tells her that he can’t give her the love that she deserves and she goes home. Very mature goodbye. I’d be willing to bet that she’ll likely be the next Bachelorette, and I think she’d be a great fit for it.

Pretty good hometown dates week for Zach. The season continues tomorrow night with the Women Tell All but since I’ve got a hot date myself tomorrow, I’ll recap it Wednesday morning. I’ve hated the last several Tell All episodes, so I don’t really care much that I’ll be watching it a day late. Plus there hasn’t been a whole lot of drama to this season, so not much stuff to explode.

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