Fantasy suites FINALLY makes Zach’s season of The Bachelor entertaining

The Bachelor recap. Credit: ABC

We’re down to the final three ladies for Zach’s season of the Bachelor, as it nears its end. Fantasy suite week, or as Zach has called it, “sex week”. He has three girls left, who would all be good fits, Ariel, Gabi, and Kaity. They go to Thailand for a very important week. Prior to the dates starting, Zach tells Jesse that he doesn’t want to have sex with any of the three ladies going into fantasy suites…we’ll see how that goes.

Ariel has the first date of the week in Thailand. They start their date with a cultural food market. At the dinner portion, Ariel tells Zach that she’s falling in love with him.

“Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite”

Before that though, Zach brings up that he has something he wants to talk to her about and tells her that for him he wants sex to be off the table. She’s a bit surprised and disappointed but is fine with it. I do think its kind of stupid to just not have sex in the fantasy suite, but whatever. Their date seems to go great and they both wake up very happy.

Gabi’s up next for her date with Zach. They start their date by taking a pirate ship to a private island. Gabi is a bit in her own head immediately, mainly just because she had the second date, which seems like nothing. She airs out her concerns and Zach comforts her. At dinner, Gabi tells Zach that she is falling in love with him.

“Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite”

Zach tells Gabi about how he doesn’t want to have sex this week and she’s a bit disappointed with it as well, saying that she wouldn’t expect to get engaged to someone that she hasn’t had sex with. It is weird. She does end up taking it much better though after she thinks about it more.

Following the fantasy suite, Gabi wakes up very happy but Zach acts a bit strange. That’s cause he had sex with her, which he tells Jesse in a pretty awkward conversation. Yet Zach’s all in his own head over it and feels guilty. Weird. Let it go and enjoy that you banged.

Prior to his final date with Kaity, Zach goes to talk to Gabi. He tells her that he was very in his own head after his idea for not having sex changed on his date with her. She says that she didn’t realize that he was so bothered by it. Additionally though, she doesn’t like that it isn’t a secret anymore and that its no longer just between them. Zach then tells her though that he’s falling in love with her. This season FINALLY got interesting. Only took till the second last week of it.

The same day, Zach has his final fantasy suite date, with Kaity, who until he told Gabi that he was falling in love with her, I thought she was easily the front runner. They start their date by going kayaking through the forest. They stop at a cool little spot and he tells her that he went into the week not wanting to have sex, but that things “changed and evolved” and he did. He just made the entire thing awkward with her telling her that. She didn’t know he went into the week stupidly not wanting to have sex, but it definitely makes things worse that he told her. No need to confirm it when everyone expects it anyway. Stupid move by Zach on this one. I get it that he should have told Ariel, since he already had the date, but he should’ve just kept it to himself with Kaity. Stupid. Right away Kaity says its very weird and that she feels very distant from him. This might be the dumbest move I’ve ever seen a lead do to START a fantasy suite date. And that’s saying a lot. Kaity tells him how dumb it is that he told her. Before dinner, Kaity and Zach talk about what happened prior that day and she says that they could move on from it and get past it. We don’t even see dinner and…

“Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite”

We don’t see any reactions to their fantasy suites and we’re onto the rose ceremony with a lot of weirdness to it, which was entirely brought upon by Zach’s whole anti-sex/but I had sex/but I wanted to be honest thing, that was pretty unnecessary in general. 

Their fantasy suite must have gone well as with the first rose Zach brings Kaity onto the finale.

“Gabi, will you accept this rose?”

After they both got their roses, Kaity tells Gabi quietly that she knows that Gabi was the only one who Zach had sex with, which is awkward. Gabi says she feels like she’s wearing a scarlet letter and it’s just more awkward in general. 

Onto next week’s finale.

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