I Told Myself Not to Bet the Stupid NIT Tournament

Last year I told myself not to bet the stupid NIT tournament. I was up winning last year on the real NCAA Tournament and then decided to push it on some shit teams and lost the profits on the stupid NIT.  I think I went 0-6 or something on it and told myself not to bet it again. A consolation tournament for teams that couldn’t get into March Madness isn’t something worth putting any money on, especially with stupid rules only used in the NIT like four quarters instead of two halfs. Plus, these kids just don’t care since they didn’t get into the real tourney. They’re mentally checked out.

Well, of course I bet it again this year. Wichita State Shockers (nice name) vs. the Lipscomb Bisons. I don’t even know where Lipscomb University is, but whatever, it didn’t stop me from taking the Shockers +1 on a Tuesday night. 

We get to halftime, I get the ESPN alert on my phone that the Bisons are up 5 (35-30). I forgot this game was even on. Down 5 in a shitty game, I’ll take it. Easy comeback. About eight minutes left in the game and Wichita State is up 11 (61-50). I’m cruising here, should cash this…didn’t expect Wichita State not to score another field goal the rest of the game. In fact, they missed their next 10 shots and didn’t even score a point the last almost 4 minutes of the game.  Got outscored 21-3 in the last 8 minutes. 71-64 final. Brutal beat.

At least I won most of the loss back on Nashville. They had to work for it against the shitty Sabres, who grinded out a tougher game than I expected tonight. But a win’s a win, so I’ll take it any way I can get it.

But I’ll never again bet on the stupid NIT Tournament again.

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