Bryce Harper May Have Ended the Nats Franchise

Major League Baseball didn’t make us wait very long for Bryce Harper’s return to the nation’s capital after signing the second biggest contract ever in sports history (biggest at the time till Mike Trout, the greatest ever one up’d him not too long after).

Well, in his return to DC, Bryce Harper and his Phillies definitely came in with a bang. 

But even more impressive than that piss missile that Harper hit to the moon, was his STELLAR bat flip after it. I know all the old school losers hate bat flips but I personally love them. Show them off, when you hit that kind of dinger, strut it off. And Bryce Harper did just that. 

Credit to all the Philly trash taking the short drive to Washington, they were loud in Nationals Park.

I don’t know how the Nats recover from this killing. Bryce Harper may have ended their whole franchise. I know you still have Max but even he won’t be able to fix this. Might as well cancel the rest of the season.

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