Hannah B as The Bachelorette is Gonna Be Tough to Watch

Last season was my first watching the Bachelor and I got so obsessed with watching it like it was a sport to watch every Monday night. I’d get all pumped for The Bachelor and a couple glasses of vino on Monday nights. First class television entertainment. Loved it. 

As we found out in the Women Tell All episode of Colton’s atrocious season of The Bachelor (I still think that Cassie and him are the worst), the pageant gal, Miss Alabama, Hannah B would be our new Bachelorette. Who’s gorgeous.

I will admit, I went from hating Hannah’s stupid pageant drama shit at the beginning of Colton’s season to actually kind of liking her when Colton took her to Denver to meet his parents. She definitely seemed to gain more maturity as her time on the show went on.

But this season is gonna be a tough one to get through.  Not only will we have to deal with her princess habits all season that came from her being a pageant girl, its gonna be tough when the Bachelorette producers try to get her to awkwardly give toasts and more of that kind of bullshit. And we’re gonna hear Rolllllll TIDDEEEEEE all season long since she’s from Bama. Please at least give us an appearance of Nick Saban trying to seem like a human, which I doubt since the guy’s a robot.  

ABC released the trailer for The Bachelorette last Friday and I’m back in and pumped. She almost has a look that reminds me of Taylor Swift in the teaser. The losers they bring in to “date” Hannah are gonna be such clowns that I’m sure this will be must watch TV again.

May 13th I’ll be pouring myself a glass of wine and getting pumped for The Bachelorette. 🍷🌹

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