RIP BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

Remember the good old days of BBM. Clicking on a physical keyboard and cruising around your ridiculously slow phone using a shitty trackball that would get stuck from the lint in your pocket. 

But after the days of chatting on AIM, BlackBerry Messenger was the first thing that introduced us to texting with the modern amenities of texting like emojis, typing indicators and Read Receipts (still one of my favorite features of the iPhone and iMessage that everyone should use, shout out Call Her Daddy). While being annoying that it only worked if both users had the old CrackBerry and that you had to get a person’s BBM number instead of just their phone number, it was much better than regular texting. Then the iPhone came and iMessage became the go-to texting service that adopted all of these great features that changed communication with your friends. If your text shows up green now, I’m less likely to want to text you. Android’s for the poors. Get an iPhone. 

Much later, after everyone had switched over to iPhones and Android, the dying Research in Motion decided to re-release BBM as a secure app on iOS and mainly for business communication.  Today, they officially killed off BBM after a long run. 

RIP to BBM. Although it’s already been dead for a long time, it officially being killed off is the end of an era. It’s like when AIM shut down. 

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