Taylor’s Back with the New Banger of the Summer

Last month, Taylor Swift started posting clues to her Instagram that sent Taylor fans in a frenzy starting to analyze all of them trying to figure out what they meant and if they were clues to a new album or even a new single. Those turned out to be nothing but Taylor even acknowledged all of the fan theories with a picture of her cat with the caption “She just read all the theories 🙀”

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She just read all the theories 🙀

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Congrats Taylor, you got us. But then about 2 weeks ago she started with the cryptic clues on Insta again and it was for sure something was definitely coming and Taylor started a countdown clock to end at midnight tonight, April 26th. 

After a quick announcement of the new single’s release on the NFL Draft tonight (Go Bills!), Taylor Swift just dropped ME! (feat. Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco) at midnight, and it’s already the banger of the summer. 

The melody of this song is fantastic. Almost reminds me of the sound of the whole 1989 album, especially Blank Space and Welcome to New York. That pop sound that just is happy, fun and upbeat without being too overly produced. And the confidence in her lyrics is great to start the song, I liked it a lot and it definitely reminds me of Blank Space. “I promise you’ll never find another like me” is such a fantastic line and the first two verses and chorus have some good lyrics, again reminiscent of her 1989 album. 

Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco joins in and his voice just fits great with Taylor’s along with the sound of this song. I wasn’t the biggest Panic! guy back in the day, but the last couple years they’ve been releasing some fantastic songs like Vegas Lights (Golden Knights goal song which I still associate with winning me a ton of money in last year’s playoffs), High Hopes and their amazing cover of The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman soundtrack (which I was already a big fan of) and this ME! with Taylor just keeps making them better. Brandon’s got such a unique, cool voice and so much talent.

I thought around the 2 minute mark the lyrics kind of fall apart with the whole “hey kids, spelling is fun!” and the “ain’t no I in team, but you know there is a me”. Wasn’t a fan. You could’ve done some better song writing here Taylor, especially with your song writing skills. I mean you wrote a song as deep as All Too Well seven years ago (still by far my favorite Taylor song) and now you’re spelling cliche quotes in lyrics. You couldn’t do better than “can’t spell awesome without me”? I had a Scrabble shirt in middle school I though was so cool that had this line on it. But the song’s already stuck in my head, so I’ll deal with the lousy lyrics towards the end of it.  

The video for this song came out at midnight as well, and I’m not a big fan. The video debuted via a live broadcast on YouTube complete with a countdown clock ending prior to the video starting (which was pretty cool to see debut at 12:01 with the rest of the world). Why are the speaking in French instead of English? What’s the point of this? And the whole “in front of our daughters” thing referring to the cats is real weird too. But whatever, music drops and its just a boring video filled with a ton of pastel colors. Just didn’t love it. Song’s great though and that’s really all I care about.

It’s now 12:45am and I’ve listened to this song at least seven or eight times. This song’s already a hit. Bravo Taylor. Can’t wait for the new album and tour!!

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