Stanley Cup Finals. Game 7.

The Stanley’s Cup has always been the greatest trophy in all of sports.

These playoffs this year have been phenomenal. Multiple sweeps, the top teams in each conference getting knocked out in the first round, including what was arguably the best hockey team ever assembled getting swept by a team that made the playoffs on the final night of the regular season. And the best part, a ton of 7 game series that gave us as fans the best hockey there could be. The adrenaline running through Game 7 is unmatched by anything else in sports.

Tonight, the Eastern Conference Champion Boston Bruins take their home ice vs. the West Champion St. Louis Blues in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 82 game regular season and 4 rounds of playoffs comes all down to this game tonight. One game left to determine who lifts Lord Stanley.  

The storylines for these teams coming in could not be better. In the East, Boston dominated the NHL this season and besides the “best team ever assembled” in Tampa this year, they were the best team in the league. They shined offensively shit pumping teams all season while Tuukka Rask was sensational. In the playoffs, the Bruins beat their heated rival Leafs in a long 7 game series, then knocked off the Blue Jackets in 6 and swept the “bunch of jerks” in Carolina to get to the Stanley Cup Finals and play for their second Cup in 8 years. 

Out of the West, the Blues had a very different path to the Cup Finals. Halfway through the regular season St. Louis was the 31st team in the NHL. Dead last. But then they turned it all around in the 2nd half. They rallied around their locker room, playing the old Laura Branigan classic Gloria! after every win. With Calder Trophy finalist Jordan Binnington in front of their net, the Blues raced up the Central Division standings and almost won their division. The beat out the Winnipeg Jets in 6 great games, went to 7 against a great defensive team in the Dallas Stars and then beat the San Jose Sharks in 6 games to meet the Bruins in the Finals, trying to win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

This series has been awesome too. A perfect mix of dominant offensive wins by both teams, close hard fought defensive games, some controversial calls, great hits and great goals. And now we’re at Game 7. The greatest game in sports for the greatest trophy in sports, all of that ends tonight. Anything can happen. It’s a coin flip who wins this game. Someone lifts that Cup. I can’t wait. And growing up hating the Bruins, I hope we hear Gloria one last time. LET’S GOOO BLUES!

PS: I had futures on both of these teams to win the Cup and tonight I completely hedged out of both of them to guarantee the same profit on either team winning. I’m gonna love watching this hockey game and I don’t want gambling to get in the way of that.

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