This Season is Infuriating

This week the shitty NBA got in my way of The Bachelorette airing during its usual Monday night time slot and it got pushed to Tuesday, which meant I didn’t get a chance to watch it until today (Saturday). I was able to avoid any spoilers on Twitter so I’m it watching now. 

This week’s episode picks up where we left off last week with Luke P. and Luke S. both sitting there in front of Hannah arguing like little kids with each other. Not gonna work out for either of you two idiots. So immature and annoying. Then Chris Harrison comes in, says the cocktail party is over and they’re going right to the rose ceremony. PLEASE send both of these guys home so we can just go on with the fucking show. No one wants to see these idiots another week. And I still can’t stand Mike. 

Right before the rose ceremony starts, Luke S. asked Hannah if he could talk to her. What. The. Fuck. Respect the roses you moron. He warns her to watch out for Luke P. and then sends himself home. At least we don’t have to hear his annoying whining anymore. Chris takes away a rose and we continue with the rose ceremony.  Peter and Connor are the first two to get roses which is no surprise to anyone, as they’re two of the clear front runners. It comes to the final rose of the night and Hannah so stupidly gives it to Luke P. Why in THE FUCK does she not send this kid home? Clearly she just wants to fuck cause there’s no other reason she’d be keeping this clown show around another week. Bet this takes over the whole fucking episode again. “My heart still wants him to be here, my head doesn’t always want him to be here”. WHAT?? Wow, this girl is dumb. But, new week and it’s off to beautiful Scotland for Hannah and the guys. 

Mike gets the first one on one of this week’s episode to go explore Scotland with Hannah. I hope this shit fails for him. But before we get to that, it’s immediately all the guys bitching at Luke P. This is getting soooo old. Obviously he’s not gonna end up with her, so what’s the point of him being here? Mike’s one on one with Hannah’s quite boring with nothing really notable happening on it. Side note, the turtleneck he’s wearing looks real shitty. And obviously he gets a rose.

For the group date this week, the guys (notably without Luke P who will get the second one on one date of the week) participate in old Scottish games that they expect to go drama free without Luke there. Back at the mansion that they are staying at, the show cuts to Mike wearing another stupid sweater lecturing Luke, “I am deeply concerned with what you’re going to say tomorrow to Hannah.” Shut the fuck up Mike. You’re becoming just as annoying as Luke is. Jed wins the group date highland games competition which leads to her making out with him. It seems as though the two of them do really like each other. Then she continues that trend with Peter on top of a pool table and then Tyler on a bed. So the front runners keep making good progress. Jed earned his group date rose this week. Hannah does admit that it was refreshing for her that there wasn’t drama on the group date without Luke there.

Luke’s date card for his one on one says “Let’s figure things out…one way or another”…doesn’t seem like the best line to me, maybe this will be where he gets shipped home.  Hannah starts the date by telling Luke that she doesn’t understand why the rest of the guys don’t like him. It’s pretty clear Hannah, cause he’s a top tier, immature douchebag. He then says that everywhere he goes everyone loves him, just proving to her more that he is in fact, an immature douchebag. I’m getting so bored watching this shit. Why does she just keep dragging it on? She’s so irritated on this date that is clearly going no where. Hannah just keeps harping on that she wants Luke to open up to her and tell her who he really is. Obviously that isn’t gonna happen and he just keeps trying to tell her what she wants to hear and she finally seems to be seeing through his bullshit. The episode ends as she says that she can’t give him a rose after the one on one. No rose ceremony, no final say on Luke’s future. Nothing. This season is infuriating to watch. 

Next week’s episode preview seems like its gonna be fantastic with Chris even asking Hannah if she still wants to be there and Luke isn’t in the preview at all making it seem like he’s gone after this one on one. Until the very end when he’s praying in a church. WHYYYYYY is he still here??

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