Worst Episode of The Bachelorette Ever

Luke P was in the “previously on The Bachelorette” more than Hannah was this week and then we cut right to where they left off last week with Hannah telling Luke that she can’t give him a rose. And after saying a lot of words but not really saying anything at all, Hannah tells Luke that he’s going home tonight. Thank god this part of the show is over. See ya Luke.

THEN HE TURNS AROUND TO GO BACK TO HANNAH. These producers need to get rid of him. This is enough. He’s not gonna end up with her so why bother with this shit. This is like a shitty soap opera, even feels like they’re both just acting word for word. “It makes it feel not real”. No shit Hannah. Luke ends up heading back to the house without a rose but saying that Hannah still wants him there for the rose ceremony, which the other guys are not happy about. 

Before the rose ceremony, Garrett decides to get involved and asks Hannah if Luke mentioned anyone else in the house during their one on one. Hannah says Luke did mention a few names and tells Garrett all the details. This obviously leads to more drama in the house between Luke and everyone else. Hannah then comes in and yells at all the guys that she can’t handle all the drama between all of them. As the drama continues when Hannah leaves the room, she comes back and says that it isn’t just Luke that’s pissing her off but all of them. Hannah has a breakdown and says “she doesn’t want to do this” and walks away again crying. 

Almost an hour into this week’s episode and we finally get to last week’s rose ceremony. This might be the worst episode I’ve ever seen of this show already and it’s not even halfway done. Final rose…Luke. COME ON. Definitely the worst episode ever.

Next place for Hannah and the remaining guys to head to is Riga, Latvia. Interesting choice.  Before we get to that though, Hannah tells Chris Harrison that she’s not sure how it could work out for anyone and that she’s not sure if she could see herself ending up falling in love with anyone in the house. We get to pretty much a season recap interview that Chris has with Hannah for a longggg and completely unnecessary HOUR. Including her talking about a zit? We couldn’t find more interesting shit to fill this time with? Finally we get to the important question, “do you want to continue?” to which Hannah says “I don’t give up”. What a waste of an hour. Zero reason I just had to watch an hour of this bullshit.

Kelly Keegs (great Twitter follow for Bachelor Nation by the way) summed it up perfectly:

Nothing else happens for this week but we get a preview of the second half of the season. Sex. More Luke drama. More sex. Luke saying he wants to go home if she had sex with any of the other guys. Come on. This looks entertaining as fuck but this is ridiculous. “I have had sex, and honestly Jesus still loves me” What a line! 

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