Finally, We Get a Great Episode of The Bachelorette

We’re already almost nearing the end of this season of The Bachelorette with hometowns coming up next week. This week, Hannah and the remaining guys head to Amsterdam. I wonder what crazy drugs these psychopaths end up doing here. As she meets with the guys the first time this week, one of them says she doesn’t sound that great. Yeah, she’s probably all fucked up since they’re in Amsterdam and she’s crazy. She doesn’t sound sick, she sounds stoned as fuck. 

The first one on one date of the week is exploring the city with Jed. “He didn’t bring his guitar did he?” Come on, he’s clearly still here for the wrong reasons. And isn’t even hiding it. I wonder if Hannah gets to meet Jed’s already existing girlfriend when she goes back to his hometown next week. “Jed, I’m falling in love with you”, awe Hannah, this isn’t gonna work out for you. But I actually do feel bad for her cause she doesn’t know it, but Hannah does really like him.

Front runner Tyler gets the second one on one date of the week. Good for him, much deserved.  Tyler doing a great job talking about the struggle in the house, doing the right thing and not tossing Luke under the bus. Smart just keeping the conversation about just him and Hannah. Smart move, kid. But Hannah still stupidly keeps digging into him for it. Stop trying to start drama. At dinner with Tyler, Hannah looks like a smoke show. Great white dress. Tyler gets serious with a discussion about his parent’s divorce. Seemed completely genuine. Tyler, will you accept this rose? This episode is probably one of the best of the season so far. I’m sure Luke will ruin it. “I am falling in love for Hannah”, good for you Tyler. Hope it ends up coming down to him and Peter in the finale.  

Mike secures the final one on one of the episode. Connor’s pissed. I still hate Mike though. Cocky douchebag. But first, Connor heads to Hannah’s hotel room to go talk to her. He kinda just seems jealous and worried he’s getting sent home. Hannah then tells him that he’s even faded in group dates. This ain’t gonna end well for him. And now this kid’s starting to seem pathetic saying he’s thinking he’s falling in love. Poor kid might even get sent home before the rose ceremony. Hannah’s makes it pretty clear that there’s no spark between them and sends Connor home.

On to Mike’s one on one, Hannah’s trying to figure out if she actually sees a future with Mike. Even getting off the elevator to dinner, Mike’s already being overly cocky as he comes out to an already crying Hannah. We might not even need a rose ceremony tonight to see all these guy get sent home. It definitely does seem that it is really hard for Hannah to “break up” with him. Super mature of Mike the way he handled it though, credit where it’s due.

Next, we get to Luke drama on this episode. Tyler speaks up and makes a short joke at Luke, which for as much as I think Tyler is great for this show and how much I hate Luke, stupid joke. Pick something better. Luke, Garrett and Peter on the final group date with two roses left. Garrett sums it up perfectly though on the Luke standpoint, “he loves the idea of winning The Bachelorette, he doesn’t love the idea of falling in love with Hannah”. And Luke’s either a completely psychopath or he’s playing the game of the show PERFECTLY. Luke talks to Hannah first and just starts chirping to her about everyone else in the group. Just throwing guys under the bus immediately. Here we fucking go. Again. “I just like, don’t like, get why people won’t be kind to you”. Come on Hannah, you know exactly why. Cause this immature trash bag is still on the show just manipulating this shit. Hannah then calls out the jerk off Garrett on his drama and back and forth with Luke. Seee yaaaa. Him gone this week and then Luke next week would be FANTASTIC. The drama with these two is soooo old. Even Garrett’s Concord Jordan 11’s (although they’re the lows) can’t make me root for this fucker. Can’t stand either of these guys. After having to deal with those two dildos Luke and Garrett, Peter heads to talk to Hannah. Doesn’t bring up either of them, great fit. Peter and Tyler without a doubt the two best fits for Hannah. In the words of Hannah, he’s always a nice break from the drama and all the other bullshit. “Peter, will you accept this rose?” No surprise and much deserved. 

Final rose, Luke vs. Garrett. I hate both these guys so I’m glad to see either go home. Although in this episode, I think I somehow hate Garrett more, who’s cocky about getting the final rose for zero reason. Hannah’s clearly brainwashed already with Luke’s bullshit games. 

Luke talks to Hannah about how it’s “hard for him to talk about” that after playing sports as a kid, he picks up drinking and sex in his freshman year of college. Oh come on. How the fuck is that anything different than any other kid. Give me a fucking break. This kid’s acting like he’s 18. Then Hannah turns it into a religious talk. How STUPID is this girl? Well, see ya Garrett. Good riddance.

Garrett tells Hannah that he loves her. Seemed fake to me. Like it was a move he tried to pull as a last ditch effort to get this final rose. Didn’t work. “Luke, will you accept this rose?” Garrett will be back on Bachelor in Paradise I’m sure. “I never put myself out there like that”. That’s cause you’re on a TV show. No shit.

Hometowns next week! And Luke sending finally sending himself home after he tries slut shaming Hannah. Can’t wait!

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