Hannah’s Journey to Find Love is Coming to an End!

Finally with Luke P gone forever, we get to the two night (which I’m sure could have easily been condensed into one) finale of Hannah’s journey to find love as the Bachelorette.

Peter, Tyler and Jed remain. Who does Hannah choose? Let’s find out. And more importantly, let’s end this awful season. 

Here we go!

“It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.” Of course, cause this girl’s a psychopath. Chris Harrison’s the best.

Rose ceremony, hopefully Jed’s gone here.

You can tell that Hannah really is having a tough time deciding with letting go of one of these three guys. First rose, Jed. Bad decision. Final rose, sucks to see either of these guys go. 

“Tyler, will you accept this rose?”

I feel bad for Peter. He was genuine, had real feelings for Hannah. But that’s how this show works. Peter’s definitely gonna be The Bachelor. The way he handled being sent home was very mature and good for him. Perfect fit to be the next Bachelor. 

Back in the LA studios and Chris Harrison’s sitting down with Peter. Both, just with Chris and then with Hannah, Peter proves himself as a perfect fit for this show. Here for the right reasons, mature, good guy, looking to find love. Just didn’t work out with him and Hannah. Make him the next Bachelor. 

Back to Greece and it’s time for Jed and Tyler to meet Hannah’s family. First up, Tyler. Crushes the interview with Hannah’s mom. Love it. Also goes really well with Hannah’s dad and him. Tyler’s genuinely in love with Hannah. Perfect fit for Hannah to end up with.

“Do you see yourself getting engaged to him at the end?”, yes. 

Please pick Tyler, Hannah.

Jed’s turn to meet Hannah’s family. This fucking guy. Hannah’s mom already saying that Tyler really set the bar high. Let’s see how this goes. Talking to Hannah’s dad, Jed’s really making himself look like a loser bragging about his commercial jingles for dog food. Music career. Not here for the right reasons. Hannah’s mom also telling her, like Jed’s mom did, that they’re just not fit to be together. Hannah, follow what everyone is telling you and chose Tyler at the end of this thing. Hannah’s dad also telling Hannah that, pretty much, Jed’s a loser. If she does pick Jed at the end of this show, no chance that ends up lasting and working out in the end. 

Hannah tells Jed that she’s really confused between him and Tyler and that she’s concerned with making the right choice.

Hannah has one more date with Tyler and Jed. Tyler’s up first again. Another time of horseback riding between Hannah and Tyler. Obviously this time, the horses ride nice and close to each other. Couldn’t have predicted that at all. 

“I can definitely see a future with Tyler, like totally” YES! That’s the love this show’s all about! Now pick him. 

I love this shit. I guess I’m a romantic. I want people to find love. And that’s what makes these series of shows fantastic. If they could cut all the drama bullshit out it would be even better. 

Back to Greece, where Hannah has her last one on one with Jed after a lousy time with Jed meeting Hannah’s parents. As Hannah and Jed head into “rocky waters”, things just keep getting worse for the two of them with Hannah clearly distressed with everyone telling her that Jed isn’t right for her. Nothing good comes of any of that and Jed knows he’s on the hot seat. 

Watch party tomorrow to see Hannah’s journey to find love with either Tyler or Jed come to an end! Pour the wine!!

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