Paradise Keeps Getting Better

Tonight we pick up right where we left off in Paradise. 

Everyone in Paradise think that Demi and Derek are the strongest couple, but little does Derek know that Demi is still conflicted because she’s dating a girl back in LA. She breaks down telling Katie that she just wants to be herself, not hold back and not be ashamed of being bisexual while putting on this fake image of being the toughest girl around. 

Meanwhile, everyone still hates Blake besides Hannah who for some reason still likes him even though she’s got a strong connection with Dylan. Makes no sense that she’s into this loser while Dylan just seems like such a good guy for her. And Blake’s an asshole. Dylan rightfully confronts Hannah about it and she admits that Blake had texted her before Paradise and he flew to her hometown where they kissed. Interesting. So Blake really did hook up with all of Paradise. Learning this, Tayshia and the rest girls start to see that it might actually be Hannah that’s the ringleader in all of this drama in her love triangle, not Blake. Bitches, man. 

Tayshia asks Hannah to go talk about it. Tayshia’s so much more mature than the rest of the girls on this show, just like she was on Colton’s season. Does kind of make it about herself more overblown than she should be. Hannah just acts innocent and plays dumb to the whole thing. 

Dean joins the cast back in Paradise with a ridiculous looking mustache. Caelynn overhears Kristina saying her name and blows it into thinking she’s getting slut shamed. Typical for her now, blowing everything out of proportion. I’d stay as far away from this psycho as possible. Dean asks her on a date, which she accepts. Mike isn’t thrilled with it but he’s way too normal and mature to deal with her bullshit. Cam on the other hand looks like he wants to kill himself over it. Relax kid. He’ll be gone shortly anyway.

Caelynn and Dean hit it off on their date, as she is intrigued by him and his whole free spirit of traveling around the world, unemployed. Actually seems like a good fit.

Christian, who left night one of Becca’s season of The Bachelorette rolls into Paradise rocking crisp white Nike Vapormax’s. Interesting choice to wear here. This weirdo asks out Nicole on her date and she’s thrilled to go, worrying Clay when she goes on yet another one on one. On their date, obviously Nicole and Christian talk Spanish and hit it off quick. Nicole’s super into him and Clay’s in trouble cause he’s so passive and doesn’t do anything. Just real boring and safe to her. After Nicole and Christian’s date, her and Clay start talking and Christian butts into it trying to steal Nicole away again. This shit’s great TV. Nicole says that she wants to just talk to Clay and this Christian kid already looks like an asshole. 

The girls have the roses tonight and four of the guys are going home.

During the cocktail party, Demi tells Derek that outside of Paradise she’s been casually dating a women but she is still very much interested in him. Derek takes it well and says he does really care about Demi. Good for them both. Very easy to root for these two.

John Paul Jones recites the part of Shakespeare of Romeo meeting Juliet to Tayshia. Cute I guess, but I just can’t see it working out between these two long term. But I like both of them so I how it works out.

While Nicole and Christian are talking, Clay decides to grow some balls and crash their party. Good move after yesterday’s bullshit that Christian started the night before. After Clay backs up, Jordan decides to stand up for Clay, steals away the stupid piñata that Christian hung up and they get into a fight.

Next week on Bachelor in Paradise is gonna be great.

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