Things Keep Heating Up in Paradise

Almost paradise, we’re knocking on heaven’s door, almost paradise

Week 2 in Paradise! We start off with the first rose ceremony in Paradise and three girls are going home tonight. Derek starts off the rose ceremony and gives Demi the first rose of the season. Clay easily gives Nicole a rose. Wills gives his rose to Katie. Kevin asks Sidney to accept his rose. John Paul Jones gives his rose to Onyeka. Cam gives his rose to Caelynn. Dylan gets to ask Hannah first before Blake can and she accepts. I’m glad she did. Blake’s an asshole. Tayshia accepts a rose from Blake but says that there’s no way that she can trust him and doesn’t care. But she sticks around. Chris shocks Annaleise, asking Kristina to accept his rose.

Annaleise, Bibiana and Jane are gone. No big surprises.

The girls have the roses this week and Jordan from Becca’s season of The Bachelorette is back  in Paradise. Jordan talks to Hannah, Nicole and Kristina who all inform him that Blake’s an issue and he then asks out Hannah, who accepts. Poor Dylan. Kid can’t catch a break. But after accepting Jordan’s date Hannah goes to talk to him and says she can’t go on a date with a third guy. Good move girl. Afterwards, Hannah talks to Demi and Katie who both agree that Hannah should go for Dylan instead of Blake. She goes to hang out with Dylan, which is good for both of them. Hope it works out.

After getting rejected by Hannah, Jordan asks Nicole on the date. She accepts even though her and Clay have a connection. Not a great move in my opinion. Still not a fan of this girl. Clay plays it off like he doesn’t care.

On their date, Jordan and Nicole go zip lining which looks AWESOME. 

Cam writes Caelynn a note and reads it to her. What a creepy weirdo this kid is. Seemed normal-ish last week but this is something else. She’s pretty creeped out by it too. He’s also talking about wanted to propose to her at the end of this like three days in, relax psycho.

Mike, a fan favorite from Hannah’s season and a rumored candidate to be The Bachelor joins the group in Paradise. Mike talks to Caelynn and Onyeka but ultimately asks Caelynn out on a date. 

Getting back from her date with Jordan, Nicole tells Clay that there was no comparison and they pick up right where they left off. Good for them, it’s cute. 

Mike and Caelynn really hit it off in their first date in Paradise. Let’s see how that grows. Cam on the other hand is moping around crying cause he knows Mike crushed him again. 

Wills tells Katie that he’s real into her and instead of reciprocating she breaks down crying and tells him that she’s not into him at all. Nut case. Like why you crying?

Turns out Chris is into Katie though and she likes him a lot too. Interesting. Didn’t expect that.

Blake comes and robs away Hannah from Dylan. Come on. Blake plays his little moves and Hannah just buys it. Then she makes out with Blake right in front of Dylan. What disrespect. Hannah’s not as innocent as she appears. Dylan goes and confronts Blake and Hannah. Here. We. Go. 

Things keep heating up in Paradise.

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