Week 1 and Paradise is Fantastic

Monday night, this season of Bachelor in Paradise kicked off with a bang and we didn’t have to wait long for episode 2 last night!

Right away we get to Blake drama cause as Onyeka says, “Blake’s a fuck boy”. This will be pretty entertaining. As Kristina is taking Blake on a date, Caelynn said that Blake had told her that it was a mistake that they hooked up at Stagecoast. Woah, the disrespect. On their date, Kristina calls out Blake for hooking up with Caelynn the night after the two of them had hooked up. Blake tries arguing his way out of it, unsuccessfully. He’s got such an ego and comes off as a complete douchebag. After their “date”, Blake gets back to Paradise and Caelynn starts calling him out and has an entire breakdown to him for being a scumbag to her. 

The secrets out and now none of the girls want anything to do with Blake. Who’s he gonna give his rose to?

Outside of the Blake drama, things seem to be going well with Dylan and Hannah but obviously Dylan’s way more obsessed with her than she likes him. Wills also likes Hannah and quickly with just the line “I just think you’re a really dope girl” and they start making out. That was easy. Even he’s surprised how easy it was for them. Then she tells Dylan right after. Interesting.

Clay, who has a handful of girls that are into him, gets the first date card tonight. He asks Nicole after having conversations with her and Bibiana. Before the date, Annaliese calls out Clay saying that he isn’t there for the right reasons cause “he couldn’t make a football team” and that he had just broke up with her friend Angela. Really just seems to me that Angela took their breakup hard and Annaliese is just blowing it out of the water. Just mind your own business. Demi also calls out Annaliese on her bullshit. Clay and Nicole’s date goes quite well and they both seem real into each other. 

Before the rose ceremony, Caelynn decides to get over her Blake shit and decides to ask Cam to talk. Their conversation actually surprisingly seems normal and they hit it off. Maybe Cam’s bullshit all of Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette was all just a show and this might be the normal-ish Cam.

Onyeka seemingly hits it off with John Paul Jones and they start kissing after he initially seemed like he friend zoned her yesterday. Jane is also into John Paul Jones and they have a taco tasting together, immediately leading to JPJ yacking all over the beach. Don’t eat the tacos in Mexico. 

Before the rose ceremony, Hannah tells Wills that he shouldn’t “waste his rose” on her. Mature move by her and she handled it in I think the best way possible. She lets Dylan know, which thrills him. Hope it works out with these two. But plot twist, Blake likes her too. Of course. 

“Paradise is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode”, great way to put it, Demi!

The smooth talking Blake gets Hannah to kiss him. She likes Dylan but she’s interested in Blake too. Right away tells Dylan about it. Kinda a crazy move. Demi tells Hannah that Blake’s a loser. Truth. 

Next week, we get the first rose ceremony of the season and Mike and Jordan come to Paradise.

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