Welcome to Paradise!

All our favorites are back, Bachelor Nation. In Paradise! This week it kicks off with back to back nights of Paradise the rest of the summer. That’s a lot. Especially with how long these episodes are. But whatever, let’s dive in. I’ve heard stellar reviews of this format of the show.

Back from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and heading to Paradise are:

  • Tayshia: One of my favorites from Colton’s season. She was the best fit for Colton but he was too immature. Hope this works out for her.
  • Blake: Becca’s season. I didn’t start watching until Colton’s season of The Bachelor so anyone before that is all new to me. This guy seemed alright.
  • Katie: Colton’s season – I wasn’t a fan of her. Started drama for no reason. 
  • Cam: Hannah’s season – I fucking hate this kid. And he’s “rapping” again, which makes me hate him even more. 
  • Jane: Colton’s season – Who the hell was this girl? Seems real extra so this girl will get real annoying quick I’m sure. 
  • Hannah G: Colton’s season – My absolute favorite throughout all of Colton’s season. Gorgeous. And I liked her personality. Like Tayshia, I hope Hannah finds love.
  • Demi: Colton’s season – “from Demi’s season of The Bachelor” YESSSSSS. This girl is the best personality to come to reality TV since Snooki. Just a ball of fun on screen. Demi tells Hannah B that, plot twist, she’s been dating a woman. And that she’s bisexual. This is gonna be fun, Demi’s gonna be hooking up with everyone in Paradise and it’s gonna be fantastic. 
  • Clay: Becca’s season – NFL hopeful that didn’t make it. Seem’s to be here for the right reasons. 
  • Nicole: Colton’s season – SOOO annoying. Couldn’t stand her bullshit. 
  • Chris B: Ton of season’s of everything – This guy seems like an asshole. Just constant appearances on this show. Clearly it doesn’t work. Seem’s like he’ll be entertaining though. 

On to Mexico!! Let the Journey Begin! Paradise is beautiful.

Hannah G’s the first to get to Paradise. Next is Blake from Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. The two of them seem to hit it off at first. Katie’s next to arrive to Paradise. Dylan from Hannah’s season arrives as well. Sydney and Derek show up next and Sydney throws some shade with the line that Derek’s “a man, definitely not like a baby faced Colton”. Tayshia joins in  and hits it off pretty quickly with Derek as well. Kevin seems like he’s gonna be a bigger asshole here than he was on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. Wills from Becca’s season comes in with “a plan” for Hannah G. Just like everyone else. 

Here come’s Demi!

Next shows up Onyeka from Colton’s season. Hated her in Colton’s season. Guessing I will again.

Chris Harrison isn’t even happy to see Cam when that kid shows up. In a fucking leopard shirt. Demi already hates him, I love it!

I already hate Kevin.

John Paul Jones shows up in a speedo. This kid wasn’t on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette long but he sure was entertaining. He’ll be fun to watch this season. Quickly friend zones Onyeka, which I find pretty funny. 

Chris B and Jane show up next. Both who I know nothing about yet already am not a fan of. Annaliese, Bibiana, Nicole and Clay next. Annaliese quickly starts drama saying that she doesn’t think Clay should be here yet because of a previous relationship. Caelynn from Colton’s season heads to Paradise and announces that her and Blake had dated but it didn’t work out. 

Week 1, the guys got the roses to hand out this week.

Blake gets the first date card of the season. Lot of drama from Caelynn on that. Blake asks Tayshia to go on the first date, surprising everyone that it wasn’t Hannah. Tayshia’s great. Absolutely one of my favorites coming into Paradise. On their date together, the conversation between the two of them seems to flow effortlessly and Blake makes the real cute quote of “if you could love the wrong person that much, how much will you be able to love the right person?” Awe. 

Back to Caelynn at the bar bitching about Blake ghosting her and playing a bunch of girls. After dinner, Tayshia and Blake make out in a hot tub. This won’t work out. 

Meanwhile, Demi and Derek quickly hit it off and start making out in another hot tub. Demi actually seems mature here in the way she’s talking with Derek.

Dylan, who claims that Hannah’s the only girl here that he wants and goes to talk to her. Super awkward but they’re cute together. Apparently his lack of confidence works out fine as they quickly start making out. 

Kristina joins in Paradise, another girl that Blake apparently hooked up with. A night before he hooked up with Caelynn. Drama upcoming! Chris Harrison hands Kristina a date card as she walks in. Blake gets the date with Kristina, which sends Caelynn, who we already know from The Bachelor is all about drama, into full crazy mode. Tayshia doesn’t seem to care, which is a good attitude. 

“Today, I’m going to make Blake my bitch”. I think I’m gonna like Kristina. 

Paradise might be the best of the shows in Bachelor Nation. Back again tomorrow night for episode 2 of what seems to be a fun season to watch this season. 

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