What in the Fuck is Brian Cashman Doing?!

Trade deadline day came and went yesterday and guess what Brian Cashman and the Yankees did to improve this team and put themselves in a better position to win the World Series this year? Fucking nothing. 

For quite a while after 2009, I’ve had my issues with Cashman. Mainly based around that in our farm system we’d have plenty of young talent and Cash would just trade them away for veterans towards the end of their careers. I’m not saying guys like Matt Holliday were bad for the Yanks, but they weren’t guys at the point of they’re careers to bring you to a World Series. But Cashman proved me wrong over the last 3-4 years and built a fantastic team. He let homegrown Gary, Judge and Sevy come up through the Yankees organization and become the faces of this franchise. He basically got our excellent baby bomber Gleyber Torres for free by giving up Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs (who got them their World Series) for a few month rental. He snagged Giancarlo Stanton, who at the time was the reigning NL MVP, for pretty much nothing from our old pal Derek Jeter in Miami (how the hell has he been injured all year?). Then he really proved he was a genius last year in a move sending an absolute liability in Chasen Shreve for starting first baseman Luke Voit (hopefully he doesn’t need hernia surgery), who went from playing in AAA for the Cards organization to being a superstar for the New York Yankees. He built an elite starting lineup. Put together the best bullpen in baseball.

But one thing has been an issue throughout, the starting rotation has been abysmal. The missing piece to a World Series. Right now our rotation consists of Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, JA Happ, CC Sabathia and Domingo German. All of them have problems. Tanaka’s been brutal lately, although I think he could turn it around in the playoffs pretty easily. Then there’s Paxton who can’t even get through a fucking inning without giving up runs, even though he was fine in Oakland (Sonny Gray 2.0). JA Happ is a liability and a half. I love CC but he’s old as hell now (listen to his R2C2 podcast) and you can’t rely on him. Then Domingo’s been solid but they’re gonna have to over work him.

So we have no good starting pitchers. During the offseason, the Yanks chose not to go after Patrick Corbin and Dallas Kuechel and stayed under the stupid luxury tax. I was fine with that move, especially expecting Severino to be the ace of the staff. But none of that happened and instead, our pitching blows. I know we keep winning despite of that, but it’s gonna be a problem in October. So everyone knew they had to get someone at the deadline. Everyone that knows anything about the MLB knew that the Yanks needed to go after a solid starting pitcher at the deadline this year. 

And what did they do instead…


Well actually, they picked up a minor league pitcher, Alfredo Garcia from the Rockies. Never heard of that guy and he has a 6 era in Single-A. And his name’s fucking Alfredo. Come on. Why even bother when we have actually issues with potentially winning the World Series? What’s the point?

Trevor Bauer’s kind of a psychopath but clearly was available and can pitch great. MadBum would’ve cost us a lot to get although it would’ve been worth it. Marcus Stroman wanted to go to the Bronx and would’ve probably come at a decent price if the Blue Jays would’ve dealt him to us instead of the fucking ridiculous Mets. And even though I fucking hate him, Noah Syndergaard was available from those jokers. Worst case a guy like Robbie Ray or Mike Minor to round out this Yankee rotation.  

Any of these guys would become the top guy on the staff if the Yanks got them. But we didn’t. So now we gotta pray that it works out with this current joke of a rotation and hopefully by the playoffs we could get Sevy back from injury and maybe Jordan Montgomery or Dellin Betances could be available. Our bullpen’s gonna get taxed either way and have to work hard the whole rest of the season since the starters aren’t able to go even 5 innings without getting shelled. And they didn’t even add to the bullpen to address that possibly being too taxed down the stretch. On top of it, Larry Rothschild is a joke of a pitching coach. Look at Sonny Gray and Lance Lynn. Last year those guys were atrocious for us, left NY and now they’re both all stars. I figured Sonny would be fine out of the New York spotlight (mental midget) but clearly Rothschild had something to do with them being terrible here. 

The Red Sox got no one either to address their terrible bullpen, which is great. But the real problem is the team that gives up the biggest threat to us winning the AL, the Houston Astros. Who had a hell of a deadline day. They already had a team that won the World Series two years ago, a great lineup and Justin Verlander and Garrit Cole as their top starting pitchers. Yesterday, they added Zach Greinke. So they have three guys now that would be the ACE of our staff and we have no one. Wonderful. That’s gonna be a fun ALCS again…

I still trust Cashman but this is tough with how good of a team we have besides that glaring weakness. That wasn’t addressed.

Let’s go Yanks.

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