A Good Ending to a Bad Season of The Bachelorette

I know I’m a couple days late on blogging this, but I had a watch party to go to for the final episode of the season and I wasn’t gonna be the asshole that brought my MacBook to blog about it as I watched. But I took notes on my phone as I enjoyed a bottle of wine.

Anyways, Tuesday night we got, as Chris Harrison said, an ending that we’ve never seen before in Bachelor history. Pretty solid episode overall. 

So on her way to proposals and the final rose, Hannah stops car cause she “can’t do this” and then trips over her ridiculous high heels walking down the road. Oh come on, that’s just trying to replicate the drama of Colton jumping the fence last season but not nearly as good. 

When Hannah gets to the final rose ceremony, Tyler is the first to get out of the car which means the fan favorite is he one to go home and Jed’s the winner.  It was so cringeworthy watching her tell Tyler no to his proposal with the brutal line of “but I love someone else”.

After Tyler sadly leaves, Jed shows up and this fucking kid brings his guitar with him to propose. Come on. “Light that’s inside of you”, shut the fuck up Jed. Of course he does a shitty job singing a song to Hannah #NotHerefortheRightReasons. Hannah loves this shit though and says yes to Jed’s proposal. Just disappointing both sets of parents, huh?

“We’re getting married” – Jed. No you’re not. 

On their first video together Jed goes “we’re actually engaged”. Yeah, okay. 

Hannah finds out about Jed’s girlfriend that he had at home before the show a week after they get engaged. Hannah meets with Jed and he starts telling Hannah about his girlfriend which just digs him into a deeper hole. He claims that they had split up before he went on the show and that he didn’t love her or anything. But then he says that his girlfriend’s parents got them a vacation for his birthday?!? Yeah that’s not serious at all…

Jed says that he didn’t think he would make it far on the show and that he originally came on the show for his music. NOT HERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

Hannah tells Jed “I thought you didn’t know what it was all about”. Come on Hannah, everyone that goes on the fucking Bachelor knows what it’s all about it 

Back to Jed’s supposed “break up” with his former girlfriend, Jed says “I told her I loved her” and then that was it. So you pretty much just ghosted your girlfriend and went on The Bachelorette. This is hilarious with how much of a clown Jed is. 

Jed says that he “won”. Yeah, he won the Bachelorette. Didn’t find love. Hannah takes off her ring and officially ends things with Jed.  “The person I became in 2 months”. You don’t change in 2 months Jed. 

Hannah joins Chris Harrison in the LA studio for After the Final Rose. Hannah confirms that it’s splitsville between her and Jed. Jed’s pretty annoying again with his same story. Even though she made a terrible decision in picking him, I’m glad she broke it off and actually felt bad for Hannah. 

“I never said this before but his ears are too small for his head” – celebrity quote for the blog from my Jess, while discussing how bad Jed is. 

After dealing with listening to Jed’s bullshit again, Tyler comes out and joins Hannah and Chris. 

Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette comes to an end as she asks out Tyler for a drink. I hope it works out between the two of them and I was pretty happy with how the season ended. 

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