Tuesday’s Episode of Paradise Was One of a Kind

Few days late I know, but time for Tuesday episode of Bachelor in Paradise. We pick up where we left off with Demi still torn in her feelings between Derek and the girl Kristian that she has at home. Chris Harrison asks her “can you imagine not having Derek in your life?”, to which Demi says that the more she feels for Derek, the more he thinks about Kristian.

“Love is the best feeling we get as humans”, aweee well said Demi.

Kristina plays some mind games with Blake to try to get a friendship rose after he starts to hit it off with this new Caitlin girl that. Dramaaaaaaa.

“Kristina is like a mosquito here and tonight we’re gonna squish the mosquito” Caitlin calling out Kristina for being here for the wrong reasons and that she’s just chasing friendship roses. Kristina put this Caitlin girl into a pretzel.

Jen from Ben’s season of The Bachelor returns to Paradise and she’s smoking hot. After Katie screws up her relationship with Chris telling him that he should pretty much explore his options in Paradise. So of course Jen asks Chris on her date. I get that Katie is upset about that he said yes, but it was pretty much entirely self brought upon. Since Katie got in Chris’s head he is confused about their relationship and has a nice little make out mesh in the hot tub with Jen. Katie’s donezo.

Just as Derek is telling every girl on the beach that he’s worried about Demi pulling back from him, Chris Harrison comes in and asks to speak to Demi. Demi’s girlfriend Kristian comes to Paradise. Derek’s done. Poor guy.

After seeing Kristian, Demi tells Derek that its her and that she is going to explore her relationship with Kristian.  This is tough to watch. Stinks for this guy, hopefully some girl comes walking down those stairs for Derek.

Derek then goes and talks it out with Kristian. Why? This is so weird. Like Demi made her decision, which seems like the right decision. There’s no need for Derek to go talk to her. 

Good for Demi though, like this girl made herself a TV star and I’m sure it really did take a lot for her to broadcast this out to the world. Demi gets a date card with her girl. First thing on their date, Kristian tells Demi that she was really hurt by that Demi had a connection with Derek. They reconcile which I thought was nice for them, Demi genuinely looks happy. 

This episode was one of a kind.

Can’t wait for next week where Chris Harrison “changes the rules”.

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