“I’m starting to fall in love with you”

I know I’m a couple days late to watching Bachelor in Paradise this week, but sorry I have a life (who am I kidding?). Didn’t get any spoilers on Twitter, nice glass of homemade apple wine’s poured. Let’s go. Might even get crazy and watch both episodes back to back. 

We pick up right where we left off with Jordan coming to start a fight with Christian taking Clay’s side in their love triangle with Nicole. Really for no reason at all. To start drama. Why get involved Jordan?

As a surprise to no one, both Jordan and Christian are gone after that stupid fight. Probably a good move there. Good for Clay too. 

The big decision of the rose ceremony is Hannah deciding between Dylan and Blake. Make the right decision Hannah and pick Dylan, and don’t keep playing him and sitting there making out with Blake right in front of him. It’s scummy. 

Before the rose ceremony even starts, Onyeka decides to send herself home from Paradise. Interesting. One less rose available.

Demi starts off obviously keeping Derek in Paradise. Katie to Chris. Nicole to Clay. Caelynn to Dean. 

After hitting it off with JPJ, Tayshia chooses to give him her rose. Aweee. Cute couple I didn’t really expect this season.

Sydney gives her rose to Mike, essentially knocking Kevin off. Forgot that moron was even there anyway. 

Showtime. Hannah’s turn…they really made it seem like it wasn’t going to commercial there, but duhhh, how could they resist?

We’re back. 

“Dylan, will you accept this rose?” YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Thanks Hannah for making the right decision, which thrills everyone else in Paradise.

Kristina with the final rose tonight…”Blake, will you accept this rose?”

What. The. Fuck.

Cam, Kevin and Wills all gone. To no surprise to anyone.

The next morning, everyone is coupled up besides “the turd that won’t flush” as Demi refers to Blake. That girl’s the best.

Joining Paradise is Caitlin from Colton’s season of The Bachelor. Cute girl. By process of elimination, Caitlin asks Blake on her date. They met at Stagecoach but “nothing happened”. Blake tells Caitlin about all the girls in Paradise that he hooked up with and she seemed to not really give a shit. Cool, I guess. Their date goes well. 

Dylan gets a date card that night, good for him. He deserves it. His first real date with Hannah. This is an adorable date to watch. 

“Hannah, I’m starting to fall in love with you” WHAT. It’s been like two weeks and she was just making out with Blake like half an hour ago. Little quick. 

“I am all in for you”

Awweeeeee Hannah. Really hope these two end up together at the end of this thing.

This show’s the best, pour the wine!

I really like seeing Tayshia and JPJ’s interaction too. It’s cute seeing them together with how goofy he is but really here for the right reasons.

Demi meanwhile feels guilty about Derek and her previously existing relationship with a girl back home.

Last season’s Bachelorette, Hannah B. who didn’t find love on her season walks down the stairs in Paradise. Didn’t expect her to come here. Hannah’s here to talk to Demi about the girl that Demi has back home. After Demi finishes talking to Hannah B, Demi asks Derek to talk. She tells Derek that she’s still got her girl back home but that she wants to keep pursuing things with him. But then right away after that she asks to see Chris Harrison…we’ll find out why “tomorrow” night on Bachelor in Paradise, with more drama to come with it (I need to go to bed).

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