This is gonna be fun in Paradise

Picking up right where we left off last night after the rose ceremony, Dean tells Caelynn that he really likes her but he knows that there’s no future there between the two of them and that it would be a lot harder for them to say goodbye in two weeks. Probably the right thing to do, which makes Dean actually seem like a good guy doing this and sending himself home. Kinda sucks for Caelynn though that it’s on her birthday.

John Paul Jones joins in on the crying the next day since he didn’t expect to see Tayshia and Derek together. “I’ve been looking for my wife since I’ve been 18 man”, come on JPJ, that’s ridiculous. 

Everyone in Paradise gets invited to Krystal and Chris’s wedding. Clay worries about running into his ex-girlfriend Angela while he’s there with Nicole. Trouble.

Also joining Paradise at the wedding is Connor, a fan favorite, although boring guy from Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. Caelynn has an attraction to him after Dean ditched her.

At the wedding, John Paul Jones tells Tayshia that he thinks that she should be with him instead of Derek. I mean, Derek didn’t do anything wrong, relax JPJ.

Wedding time. Having Chris Harrison officiate your wedding has to be one of the coolest things ever. Prayed for You by Matt Stell was another solid song choice by the producers of this show too.

After the wedding, JPJ starts drama with Derek for no reason. He asks Derek to talk and calls him out claiming that he’s not there for the right reasons. All coming off as real immature of JPJ making a whole scene at a wedding.  “I’m 24 years old, I’ve been looking for my wife for 18 years”…did this kid really just say that?

Angela and Clay talk and she guilt trips and tells him that she doesn’t understand how he could already be back in Paradise, let alone having a good time. 

JPJ confronts Derek on the whole thing from earlier and stands behind it. I’m pretty much out on JPJ. He got real annoying.

After talking to Caelynn and Kristina, Connor asks Caelynn on his date. They cover each other in paint which is such a weird, stupid date idea. They seem to hit it off though and they seem very compatible with each other. Even though I’m not a big fan of Caelynn, its cute to see her actually seem happy talking with Connor.

Clay talks to Nicole about his conversation with Angela not going so well. So clearly he’s not over her. No way this works out. And what do you know, Angela walks down the stairs into Paradise. Trouble for Clay and Nicole. 

This is gonna be fun.

Next week on Bachelor in Paradise looks like it’s gonna be amazing. 

And Demi’s still the queen of Paradise. The best.

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