The Next Bachelor for Sure

There’s a storm on the horizon. We start off this week with Nicole saying how great her and Clay’s relationship is going and that “nothing can ruin what we have”…that won’t last long though as Clay’s ex-girlfriend Angela strolls into Paradise. Clay’s shaking in his boots. And Nicole’s going even more psycho.

Angela, who’s smoking hot, asks Mike on her date. On their date, Mike asks Angela about her relationship with Clay and if she’s still in love with him. She says that she’ll always care about him because he was her most serious relationship but doesn’t want the double standard that he could be in Paradise and she can. Mike replies that when he asked Clay the same thing he said that it was easier for him cause he never told Angela that he loved her. Interesting.

These producers are geniuses and clearly Angela is still not over Clay. And the opposite might be true as well. Clay’s a wreck.

John Paul Jones is still being crazy about Tayshia and more so against Derek for no reason. Haley likes him after their date and they would actually be decent together but he’s so fixated on Tayshia, who’s not into him anymore that he doesn’t care. Derek tells Haley about it, which I think is much deserved by JPJ. What goes around comes around. He’ll be gone pretty quick now. When Haley confronts JPJ and the issue, the first thing he says is that its none of Derek’s business which is telling. Then he tells her that she’s great but there’s not gonna be a future between them. He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper and just proving how immature he is. And get over Tayshia man, she made out with you one night for fun. She’s not into you.

Matt Donald who left the first night of Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette joins Paradise. All the single girls are into him. Also coming down the stairs is Luke S, from Hannah’s season as well. He was super annoying in the Luke P vs. Luke S drama and looks like a more annoying Nick Viall. Instead of getting individual date cards, Matt and Luke get a double date card. Matt asks Sydney and Luke asks Kristina to go on the double date. This Matt guy has a super annoying voice.

John Paul Jones asks Tayshia to talk the morning after him and Derek’s fight and apologizes to her for his actions the night before. JPJ doesn’t look at Tayshia while they’re talking, which kind of pisses me off. He breaks down and starts crying. I feel bad for Tayshia and the unnecessary stress that JPJ is giving her. Tayshia then tells Derek while talking to him that she doesn’t know if she could get to a relationship with Derek. Derek then decides to send himself home from Paradise.

Derek’s gonna be the next Bachelor for sure. He didn’t find love in Paradise, but he’ll have another chance. I feel bad for the guy leaving and I do really hope he finds love and maybe being the next Bachelor will be his chance. 

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