Things Are Getting Interesting in Paradise

Following Derek’s exit from Paradise last night, the big question is if Tayshia wants to still pursue things with an immature John Paul Jones.  Talking to Mike she says that she’s still into JPJ but she doesn’t think she could get there with him. I personally don’t think it’ll ultimately work out, she’s just too mature for him.

Meanwhile, Clay is still totally not over Angela, although he claims he no longer has romantic feelings for her. But he gets all jealous anytime any thought of her dating someone else in Paradise comes up. Clay and Nicole’s relationship’s definitely going to self implode cause of this.

Chase from JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette joins Paradise with a sole focus of dating Angela after they hit it off at the wedding. On their date, she admits its weird having her ex there on the beach.

I love when Blake does his little sad act. It’s hilarious to me. So in the middle of this whole thing the producers put together of him being all woe-as-me about wanting to find someone to “quote unquote, settle down with” the idea sparks in his head that he just wants to be with Kristina, yeah okay. When Blake tries to tell her this in his pathetic little way, she completely blows him off and tells him to talk to her tomorrow about it.

This Matt kid that showed up last week is all nervous about his first potential kiss in Paradise with Sydney. What a loser. Its a kiss, who cares. Just do it. Super annoying. Even Chris Harrison needs to talk to him to not be a little pussy. Sydney even has to tell him he has permission to kiss her. What the fuck. Grow up. Fantastic production sequence though while they kiss, that made the cringeworthy bullshit funny at least.

Back to the actual story though, Clay and Angela talk and have a ridiculous conversation that easily shows that the two of them aren’t compatible and yet, they’re still clearly not over each other. This and Clay’s relationship with Nicole are donezo soon for sure. 

Before the rose ceremony starts, Blake really does a good job at trying to sell Kristina on why they should pursue things together, claiming he’s “all in” on them. Again, yeah okay.

Rose ceremony time and the ladies have the roses. No surprise with Mike going home since none of his relationships worked out in Paradise. Everyone thought he was going to be the next Bachelor, but I still think Derek’s the better option there. There’s definitely relationships forming but Demi with Kristian and Hannah with Dylan are for sure the strongest couples in Paradise. Both those couples are adorable. 

The next morning, Blake tells Kristina that he wouldn’t accept a date but gets temped pretty quickly as Bri arrives in Paradise to tempt him after they hit it off at the wedding. Bri asks Blake out on a date, but he says no. Shocking. Would’ve been hilarious if he went. After Blake turns her down, Bri goes on a date with Matt. 

Since Connor coming to Paradise, Caelynn seems to be finding happiness in their connection together. But who better to mess things up in her world than Dean, with the mustache gone, to roll back into Paradise. Here comes drama. Dean comes back and says that he regretted leaving Paradise and missed her as soon as he left Paradise and wants a relationship. Caelynn’s already a mess, things are crumbling now. She knows that Dean’s not right for her but she wants him. Dean asks Caelynn if she would like to leave Paradise with him today. Interesting.

Next week on Bachelor in Paradise, a LOT of drama coming up!

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