Everyone’s Leaving Paradise

Last week, Dean came back after leaving on his own and shocked Paradise asking Caelynn to leave Paradise with him. Connor gives Caelynn every reason she should stay with him instead of leaving with Dean. He’s not wrong but this kinda makes Connor seem desperate a bit. Caelynn’s nuts though so its realistically not gonna work out for either guy with her. Meanwhile, Kristina calls out Dean for being a selfish asshole. Stupidly, Caelynn decides to leave with Dean. This won’t work out. I do feel bad for Connor. That’s tough. Have fun living in a van, Caelynn and Dean.

Chris gets a date card as Katie is worried about them not having a close enough connection. Important date for them. Chris says he feels strongly about Katie and that they’ve taken steps forward to continue to pursue their relationship. Good for them.

Some girl Revian joins Paradise, apparently from Colton’s season. Don’t remember this girl whatsoever. She asks a sulking Connor on his date, so that’s nice for him.

Demi gets jealous about Kristian being flirty and touchy with the other girls in Paradise. Being a lesbian seems exhausting (did I really just type that?). While she’s all irritated, Demi gets a date card for her and Kristian. I fucking love Demi, she’s the biggest star this show’s ever seen.

JPJ and Tayshia have seemed to improve their relationship as JPJ throws a little “prom” for Tayshia who never went to her high school prom. I still don’t think that there’s a future with those two after Paradise.”I’m definitely falling in love with Tayshia”, good for you John, I guess.

Blake makes a little date card for Kristina and sets up a whole romantic night for the two of them (cute call out to “nailed it” from Colton’s season too). I actually thing its a nice gesture on Blake’s part. As they sit together in this little date that Blake set up, Kristina says she feels guilty but that she doesn’t think that her and Blake will be able to get there together. Actually kinda feel bad for Blake even though he’s an asshole. Kristina says she wanted Blake to find love in Paradise and she wanted to stay friends but that it probably wasn’t going to work out for them together. Kristina and Blake, unable to find love both leave Paradise. Probably the right move for both of them. I do feel bad for Blake somehow.

Only two episodes remaining in Paradise. Who leaves Paradise? Who finishes this thing engaged? We’ll find out tomorrow on Bachelor in Paradise.

UPDATE: Just saw this meme on Twitter and it may be the best thing to come from this entire season (besides Queen Demi, of course). Kristina played chess, Blake played checkers

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