Paradise is Real Now

It all comes down to the second last episode of this season of Bachelor in Paradise tonight. Who will find love in Paradise? Who will go home heartbroken? I’ve got my nice glass of Merlot poured, here we go.

Hannah and Dylan get a date card to go on a kids birthday party, kinda weird but I guess its a cute idea. Makes them sort of be in a social situation of real life…with a bunch of people they don’t know. They are cute together though, they’ll get engaged at the end of this and it actually could work out.

Connor says he met a girl Whitney at the wedding that he hit it off with her. He wanted her to show up to Paradise and she doesn’t so he decides to leave…as she’s on her way to Paradise. She gets to Paradise where everyone tells her that he had just left and she goes to get him at his hotel suite.

Clay and Nicole also get a date card. Nicole tells Clay that she is definitely falling for him and sees a future with him outside of Paradise. She asks Clay if he feels the same way and he says that he feels like he’s falling in love with her but isn’t in love with her. So he’s not confident in their future. Like I’ve said all season, I don’t see this working out for them.

Meanwhile, Chris isn’t confident going into the rose ceremony that he could get there with Katie, who’s totally more into him than he’s into her. 

Chris Harrison cancels the cocktail party so people can’t second guess much, rose ceremony time…some of the ladies are going home.

Luke S asks Bri to accept his rose, to which she says no. That’s never happened before. No one else wants his rose either so he heads out of Paradise. Matt Donald then asks her to which she accepts.

Dylan…”I love you, so Hannah, will you accept this rose?” They are an adorable couple together. Really hope this works out long term from this after Paradise.

Tayshia accepts JPJ’s rose. Angela accept’s Chase’s rose. Nicole happily accepts Clay’s rose. Kristian accepts Demi’s rose, good for them too.

On the final rose, Chris asks Katie to accept his rose. She’s thrilled to accept. 

The morning following the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison shows up to say that it’s real now. No more rose ceremonies. Decide if your relationship is for real or go home.

Bri right away tells Matt that their relationship is going no where. No surprise. Angela and Chase break it off too cause obviously she was only there for Clay.

Hannah and Dylan on the other hand of course continue on their relationship and head to fantasy suites. The couple of Paradise. My favorite of Colton’s season of The Bachelor found love in Paradise. And its great for Dylan that he got the one and only girl he went to Paradise to pursue from the first episode in Paradise this season.

John Paul Jones tells Tayshia that he’s in love with her and wants to continue to pursue a relationship with her. She tells him that she cherished everything they had in Mexico but, she’s not there yet with being in love with him. She’s just more mature than he is and she knows it, telling him that he doesn’t know what she wants yet. He does take it well though and in an adult way. It does seem genuinely tough for both of them though to split up. It was the right thing to do though, it wasn’t going to last out of Paradise. I do feel bad for Tayshia, she was one of my favorites in Colton’s season too and she deserves to find love. JPJ just wasn’t the right one for her.

Demi tells Kristian, who’s struggling to see if Demi can completely open up to her, that she wants to be with her.  Good for them. Demi changed this show, broke down walls the franchise had never seen before. Can’t not root for her.

Last conversation to be had, Chris and Katie. Chris says he’s so unsure and that he just doesn’t feel it with Katie but that there were times that they were great. He’s struggling with it but she kind of convinces her that they should give it a shot. Didn’t really expect that. I hope it does work out but that’s kind of tough to see.

Next Tuesday, Paradise ends. What is the future with these four remaining couples? We’ll find out! And we get a reunion and find out who our next Bachelor is (please be Derek, although Mike and Peter are also fine).

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