Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram and Breaks the Internet

After years of holding off of joining any form of social media, my favorite celebrity in the world, Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram with a first picture that melted everyone’s heart and broke the internet.

Rachel Green’s first photo on the site was of her with the whole rest of the cast of Friends, the greatest TV show of all time, in a picture all together for the first time since the show’s finale in 2004. Its beautiful that the six of them still really are such close Friends, and they’ll be there for you, forever. So many people fall asleep every night to the show Friends even now, 15 years since it ended. A whole new generation is now falling in love with this show. Even though I’ve watched every episode at least like 15 times, I can never get enough of it.

Jen’s new account quickly broke the record for the first Instagram account to get over a million followers, with her getting that amount in only five hours and 16 minutes. I’m sure the real reason for this account was just to promote her new show, The Morning Show coming November 1st on Apple+. I can’t wait to watch that show and see my girl re-united with her former TV sister, Reese Witherspoon (Rachel and Jill Green) on Apple’s debut show. 

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